Terms and conditions

Here is the list of terms and conditions that you will have to "agree" to when you register online. Please note that if you do not click on "I agree", you will not be able to complete your registration.

Registration conditions

In order to reserve your place and confirm your registration, the McGill Conservatory Day Camp must have:
​-The registration form and medical form both completed in their database;
-The $50 non-refundable registration fee, payable either by credit card during your registration, by phone (credit) or in person (cheque, debit, credit).

N.B.:  After these 5 business days, if the McGill Conservatory Day Camp has not received your payment, your place will no longer be reserved. 

The registration form and the medical form must be completed in full. An incomplete registration will not be considered until all the required information has been received by the McGill Conservatory Day Camp.
- Once the registration is complete, you will have a confimation of registration (step 9) that you can print for your files.
- Camp fees must be paid in full by May 15 at the latest. If you are paying by cheque, and in more than one installment, we reccommend that you send two cheques: one for the non-refundable registration fee, to be cashed immediately, and one for the balance payment, post-dated for May 15.
- Payments can either be made by cheque to McGill Conservatory, or by credit card during your registration process. Payment in person must be discussed beforehand with a camp office staff member (call 514-398-5505 to set up an appointment).
- In the case of insufficient funds, A $25 administration fee will be charged.
- "Relevé 24" receipts for income tax purposes are issued in February 2017 in the name of the camper. If you wish to receive this receipt, please indicate this on the registration form.
- Discounts: Discounts are applicable to the first registration, unless otherwise indicated. Discounts are not transferable to another account or camper.
- The McGill Conservatory Day Camp can modify the rules of application at any time, without notice.

Refund conditions

- The $50 registration fee per child/per summer is not refundable.
- Camp fees are not refundable unless: the camper withdraws in writing before May 15 or the Camp has to cancel a session due to insufficient registration.
- No refunds will be issued after May 15, except in extraordinary situations (summer school, serious family situations - last minute vacations are not considered a serious family situation!). Proof must be provided in writing to the camp by e-mail for any partial or full refund in this situation.
- No refunds will be issued if a camper is sent home for breaking camp rules.
- No refunds will be issued if a camper is absent for 2 or more consecutive days. Should this happen, the camper will not be re-admitted after their absence.
- No refunds will be issued in case of an act of nature, an evacuation or any other unforeseen event.

Picture and video conditions

I understand that the McGill Conservatory, Camp Artemusik, Quebec Camp Association (an association of accredited camps in Quebec) or its authorized agents will be photographing and/or filming my child’s activities during his/her days at camp. I hereby give my permission for this material to be used in total or in part for publicity purposes such as in brochures, magazines, newspapers, on television, on the internet etc. This material will remain the property of the McGill Conservatory Day Camp. No videotape may be taken during McGill Conservatory Day Camp's activities or shows without the written consent of the McGill Conservatory Day Camp.

Additional conditions

- The McGill Conservatory Day Camp assumes no responsibility for loss of or damage to personal belongings. In case of theft, no claim may be made against the McGill Conservatory Day Camp. 
- The parent and the camper agree to reimburse the McGill Conservatory Day Camp for any unforseen expenses it incurs on the camper's behalf (special supplies, emergency expenses, services, etc.)
- The camper is authorized to participate in all activities of the McGill Conservatory Day Camp even if they occur outside of the facilities rented by the Conservatory at F.A.C.E. School and the Schulich School of Music of McGill University: outings, picnics, shows, etc.
- All of the camper's limitations, existing conditions (physical and emotional/psychological) and special requirements must be fully disclosed in the Camp medical form.
- The McGill Conservatory Day Camp reserves the right to refuse any registration for any reason. The decision in such matters will be final.

Authorization required if your child carries an adrenaline shot

By clicking on "I agree" on the registration form you authorize persons designated by the McGill Conservatory Day Camp to administer, if needed and in the case of an emergency, the described adrenaline shot to my child.

Medical authorization

By clicking on "I agree" on the online registration form, I hereby authorize the administration of the McGill Conservatory Day Camp to administer any first aid deemed necessary. If the administration deems it necessary, I also authorize the transport of my child by ambulance or otherwise to a hospital or other medical facility. Moreover, if we cannot be reached, I authorize the physician chosen by the camp’s administrators to administer any medical treatment required to my child in his/her state, including surgery, injections, anesthesia and hospitalization.