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Great Camp Moments Start With A Great Camp Team!

* Due to unforeseen changes in both administration & building work, we won't be offering camps in 2019*

Please, keep an eye on our website for more info, we hope to see you again in 2020!

We're proud of our camp team! They're a big reason why we continue to be a part of family's summers year after year!

Camp Team Members are :

  • Selected after an extensive interview process, we want to welcome staffers that are qualified and who will contribute to the great camp experience that we offer to our campers!
  • Well trained: 50 hours of training (child development & psychology, group animation basics, themes & ice-breaker games, emergency protocols)
  • Background checked for everyone who works with our campers
  • First aid certified
  • Sharing in our vision of the importance of camp in a campers life


Message from our Director:

"Welcome to the 2018 McGill Conservatory Day Camp.  We are thrilled that you have chosen to join us for what promises to be a great summer of activity!  Your camp team has been working hard to guarantee you leave with a memorable experience. As Director of the Conservatory I'm wishing you all a fulfilling, enriching time here in the Schulich School of Music of McGill University.  Perhaps you interests will lead you to explore more of our offerings during the school year!  "

Sara Laimon - Director - McGill Conservatory


Our management team:

Mika Fund

Associate-Director at Camp - 14th summer

Every thorn has its story to tell! Cactus, a graduate in leisure studies and in Communications and Human Relations, will prick your curiosity this summer! Armed with a colourful imagination, Cactus has drawn many an unsuspecting person into her wild, far-flung stories. Ready for adventure? Cactus sure is! Ready and waiting to have an awesome time this summer with all of you!! She's happy to welcome you at camp for her 13th summer!

Administrative assistant - 1st summer

Howdy! Like the movie "9 to 5" Dolly will does their very best to get the job done right, the first time! Dolly is a seasoned Jazz vocal student who has a passion for performance, a brain for problem solving, and a heart for the camp experience! Getting on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, and helping campers getting the most out of their summer? One in the same, y'all! 

Coordinator - Specialized Camps - 2nd summer

Bottines is currently studying Music at Concordia University with a specialization in Voice, and is passionnate about the arts. She loves to improvise, sing at the top of her lungs, create little treasures and goofing around the stage : she wants to do all of this with you this summer ! She believes there is almost nothing more precious in life than arts, music and friendship : let’s make some more !

Coordinator - Animation - 1st summer

After spending the last years in nature, paddling down Quebec's beautiful rivers with little monsters in her canoe, the current finally brings Pepper back to civilisation without taking her away from the flow of camp life! Studying psychologie at UQAM, she loves creativity, knitting and a bit of crazyness. 

Coordinator - Garage Band Camp Tour - 8th summer

One day, a guitar pick decided to strum a stratocaster's strings. The sound that came out sounded like this: "Djent!" Djent then discovered music, all the multitudes of other instruments that introduced themselves to him surrounded him in every style of music and he marveled at them. Music became his passion. He completed two music DEPs in Drums performance and writing for large ensemble and has worked in the field of music ever since. He wanted to communicate his love for music so much to the world that he decided to become a camp counsellor at Garage Band Camp, then a coordinator. He is very excited to meet tons of extraordinary people this summer and to share his ever-present passion for music! :D

Coordinator - Artemusik-ki - 1st summer

My soul is stuck in animation and my heart is that of a child! Even if I've been in camps for a while, I'm still learning everyday and am so delighted to be able to do that with you this summer. Let's make memories.


PAM-DAFA Program Leader - 1st summer

Creative, bright and with a dad-joke always in his pocket, Babou is a veteran when it comes to working with kids. Having survived many lice epidemics, teached arts at all levels of schooling, tried to impress kids by performing a lame and hurtful backflip, his best memories are from all his years working with the young ones.

Camp aid - 1st summer

Hey people! Timon is a lighthearted, loyal friend who wants to help you on your journey to become your own king! Timon's mom and dad told him that he watched Lion King over and over until the DVD disc broke (Yes, we had discs :) ). When he is not wisecracking, he plays the drums, the guitar, and some piano. Timon cannot wait to hang out with his awesome new friends this summer!

Pre-And-After-Camp Supervisor - 1st summer

(English coming soon) Dynamique, pleine d'entrain et souriante, elle divise son temps entre ses études à McGill dans le programme classique, des tentatives d'entrainement au gym et ses chats adorés. Passionnée de littérature et d'histoire, vous devrez la supplier d'arrêter de parler de ses livres favoris.


Trained, bilingual & excited to share their love of camp!

Our team is wonderful!
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Bilingual, knowledgeable & love to share theirs passions!