Coronavirus (COVID-19)

All classes are being held remotely until further notice. For Canadian citizens and permanent residents, admission to programs for Fall 2020 remains open. Registration for Fall 2020 courses is currently open to all students. More information >>


COVID-19 SCS Instructor FAQ

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As recently announced, courses offered by McGill during both the spring/summer and fall 2020 semesters will be delivered remotely. Courses that were designed to be delivered fully online will continue to be delivered in that mode.


The School continues to work closely with colleagues across McGill University to ensure ongoing development and delivery of high quality courses and programs while prioritizing the health and safety of students, all SCS employees, their families and other loved ones (including pets!), their friends, and the wider community. We are also committed to providing a variety of pedagogical training events for SCS instructors during this now extended period of remote teaching.


This page includes answers to frequently asked questions from teaching staff. If you are in doubt, please contact the relevant director, or program, area, or course coordinator.


Please know that the School of Continuing Studies is here to support you. We will provide the most up-to-date information as we receive it, and this page will be updated frequently as the situation develops.


University Resources


How often will I receive updates from the School during this the extended campus closure period?

The School has established an Emergency Planning Taskforce (EPT) that meets every week so as to ensure that essential operations can continue as smoothly as possible. We are also holding regular town halls for teaching staff, which we encourage you to attend. This FAQ page will be updated as new information becomes available, so please check back on a regular basis.


Can I access my office or the building during the closure?

Although McGill remains operational, campus access is restricted to authorized employees. Should you have a legitimate need to access your office, please make note of the following protocols:

  • You must send a written request for access to the director of the relevant SCS unit.
  • The director will then contact the 680/688 Building Manager to ensure that your McGill ID card has been added to the security card-reader.

Note that access to a campus building will be granted only for picking up files or materials required to complete necessary work. The Quebec government has banned people from coming on campus to pick up personal belongings.


Can I work alone in my office during this closure?

For the time being, it will not be possible for you to work in or teach from your office—even in isolation. Activities such as commuting to campus and moving around the building increase the probability of transmitting and propagating the virus.


Can I record lectures for my classes in McGill studios or labs?

For the time being, no teaching-related activities are permitted anywhere on McGill campuses.


Will I be able to contact administrative staff during the closure?

Yes. Administrative staff in all units, including Client Services, continue to work remotely. It may take longer than normal for you to receive a response, so we ask for your patience and understanding


I had a package shipped to my office. Will the package I’m expecting be received?

At the present time, the University's central mailroom remains open and is receiving packages. However, deliveries around campus have been suspended, as most buildings are closed. Any mail that is received will remain in the central mailroom until activities return to normal. You might therefore prefer to arrange for any future orders to be delivered directly to your home. If you are waiting for an urgent delivery, please contact SCS Building Manager, andree.lahaise [at] (Andrée LaHaise), for assistance.


What resources are available to help instructors transition to teaching remotely?

All McGill instructors teaching in spring/summer and/or fall 2020 will be provided with a licensed Zoom account in order to be able to host remote teaching events. Zoom has been fully integrated with myCourses.


Instructors teaching courses administered by the School should first consult the instructor resource page on our website.


The School has prepared a two-hour training module for Zoom and myCourses to assist instructors in transitioning to a remote teaching environment. All SCS instructors have already been enrolled in this self-directed workshop.


ISET will also be reaching out to instructors who have experience teaching remotely and online and who may be able to mentor or guide others, or present a tool or strategy that may be of use to colleagues. These pedagogical events will be communicated by ISET, so please read all communications sent from instructors.conted [at] Our deepest thanks to those of you who have already volunteered!


You may also wish to consult the Disruption to Classes webpage on the McGill Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) website and the TLS Remote Teaching Guide

For more general information about working remotely, please consult this McGill IT Knowledge Base article.


Will students taking courses administered by SCS in the spring/summer and/or fall 2020 semesters be able to choose the S/U option?

The S/U option was made available to SCS students exclusively for the winter 2020 semester. It will not be an option for the spring/summer or fall 2020 semesters.


I’m concerned that my course evaluations might be negatively impacted by the disruption to classes. Has the University addressed these concerns?

Yes. In order to address these quite reasonable concerns, the University has mandated that instructors have the right to decide whether or not their course evaluations for the spring/summer and fall 2020 semesters should “count” in their performance assessments.
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