Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish

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Courses & Workshops

The curriculum is made up of four course levels that offer students an integrated approach to language learning.
CSPN 211 Spanish 1. (10 credits)
Designed to help students develop a basic knowledge of the Spanish language sufficient to communicate both orally and in writing in everyday situations. Differences between Latin American and Peninsular pronunciation and vocabulary will be discussed. Use of language and computer laboratories is an integral part of the course.
CSPN 221 Spanish 2. (10 credits)
Course conducted entirely in Spanish. It aims to improve fluency, to achieve correctness in pronunciation, and to give an initial review of grammatical structures. Oral and written exercises form an integral part of the course. Cultural readings will be taken from literature (short stories), the Web, and newspapers.
CSPN 231 Spanish 3. (10 credits)
Designed to help students acquire an Intermediate-High level of proficiency by further developing the four language skills. The course includes a wide range of activities - including electronic - to help students communicate more effectively. Spanish and Spanish-American short stories, magazine and newspaper articles will provide material for class discussions and presentations.
CSPN 241 Spanish 4. (10 credits)
While designed to allow students to reach functional competence in everyday situations, this course pays special attention to the more difficult aspects of grammar and social/business communication strategies. Readings will range from short literary texts to articles from magazines and newspapers. Computer software will be integrated whenever possible.
CSPN 353 Advanced Spanish Conversation/Espagnol,Conversation Avancée. (10 credits)
Designed to provide students who have completed Fourth Level Spanish with the opportunity to practice the language through discussion of selected texts and topics of interest.
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