Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) Counselling Applied to Teaching

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Courses & Workshops

Required Courses
EDPC 542 Counselling Role of the Teacher. (3 credits)
Winter 2019
Theory and practice in interpersonal communication, interviewing, group dynamics, group leadership management, and referral criteria and procedures for students with developmental problems who experience trauma or crisis. Addressed primarily to elementary and secondary teachers who combine instructional responsibilities with a supportive role in school guidance and counselling activities.
EDPC 562 Career Education and Guidance. (3 credits)
A review of career education and guidance programs that refer to the subject matter and related methods and techniques designed to foster the intellectual development of career awareness, career planning, career decision-making, and the necessary career-resilient employability skills for the school-to-work transition.
Complementary Courses
EDPC 501 Helping Relationships. (3 credits)
Fall 2018
A course in the basic principles of human relationships and communication skills, approached from a theoretical and experimental viewpoint. An emphasis will be given to training in basic listening skills, interviewing techniques, and the interpretation of non-verbal behaviour and communication.
EDPC 502 Group Processes and Individuals. (3 credits)
Fall 2018
A laboratory course in which participants observe individual dynamics within a group setting as well as understand the developmental phases of the group. Participants will be encouraged to experiment with their own behaviour, in order to increase their own awareness of functioning.
EDPC 504 Practicum: Interviewing Skills. (3 credits)
This course will enable students to become practitioners in the field of Applied Social Sciences. Theoretical principles of the helping relationship will be applied in particular situations. Demonstration, lecture, role-playing and psychodrama techniques will be used.
EDPC 505 Crisis Intervention Processes. (3 credits)
Fall 2018
Instruction in the skills of working with crisis situations involving persons emotionally disturbed, suicidal, or alcoholic, and those who are on drugs or experiencing emotional trauma, as well as other problems. Attention will be given to identification of referral sources and the writing of reports.
EDPC 507 Practicum: Group Leadership Skills. (3 credits)
Winter 2019
The practical aspects of group leadership, group design and planning. Candidates will set up groups, conduct such groups over a number of sessions, and assess these groups according to the theoretical models covered in the prerequisite course.
EDPI 543 Family, School and Community. (3 credits)
Fall 2018
Focus on the examination of three important systems in a child’s life; namely family, school and community, as well as societal influences on student growth, development, and adjustment. Emphasis will be on evidence-based practices in collaborating with families and community organizations to form partnerships, classroom interventions and school-based initiatives to enhance well-being.