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Semester Abroad with Internship

Earn international experience both in the classroom and in the workplace.


Do you dream of studying or working in Canada? Now you have the chance to do both!

Experience the ultimate semester abroad in Montreal – named the best student city in the world in 2017. You’ll study at Canada’s top-ranked university, gain valuable work experience, perfect your language and intercultural communication skills, and explore all that Montreal has to offer.

A semester abroad is a great way to broaden horizons, improve a language, and experience a new culture. Undergraduate students from around the world have the chance to spend a whole semester (from 16 to 21 weeks) at McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS) acquiring credit at their home institution for courses taken at SCS.

A very attractive and important feature of this program is the unpaid Internship that all students are required to do. The Internship gives you the opportunity to gain work experience in a bilingual work environment in your chosen field and exposes you to professional practices in a North American context.


Offered in fall and winter


Classes: in the morning, afternoon or evening any day of the week (from Monday to Friday, and occasionally on Saturday as needed)

Internship: 2 or 3 days per week depending on the the agreement SCS has with your home university. Please note that the internship cannot surpass 50% of the time spent in the program.

Courses offered:


PLEASE NOTE: Your course selection must be approved by your Program Director so that you may receive credit toward your degree at your home institution. For specific details, please contact the International Office at your university. You can also contact Ms. Effie Dracopoulos at McGill University (see contact information below).


Participants in the program will be placed at a company in Montreal where they will do an unpaid internship for no more than 50% of their time in the program. Our Internship team will interview each participant before the start of the program to create a profile that will be sent to companies.

We work with a varied and select list of partner corporations, organizations and agencies in different employment sectors that welcome our interns. The ultimate objective of the internship is to provide students with the opportunity to experience “working” in the multicultural and diverse Canadian/Quebecois workplace while they develop their intercultural and professional communication skills.

Minimum Language requirement:

High-intermediate level of English/Minimum TOEFL score of 550

Required Documents

  • Proof of English Proficiency
  • Resume
  • Passport

Learn more about Registration Procedures, Dates & Fees »


The program is designed to enable you to:

  • Study abroad at McGill University while earning credits at your home institution
  • Earn international work experience
  • Develop your intercultural communication skills in a professional setting
  • Immerse yourself in Quebecois and Canadian culture



“It gives students the opportunity to study at one of the best universities, experience Canadian culture, and work in their field. And you get to visit amazing places in Montreal!”

- Katia Huaman Condo


For information

If you are inquiring on behalf of your educational institution, please contact
Ms. Effie Dracopoulos
Associate Director, Language & Intercultural Communication
effie.dracopoulos [at]


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