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Support our Students

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Support our Students

Top Priorities

McGill’s School of Continuing Studies provides high-quality, technologically advanced, accessible and affordable education and services.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the School has updated its classroom facilities, provided scholarships and bursaries to learners, and established career and professional development workshops for students and recent alumni.

Find out more about how you can help with the School’s funding priorities below.


Career Advising and Transition Services

Many of the School’s offerings are career-focused, so we provide our students with high-quality advising services.

By supporting the School’s Career Advising and Transition Service, you will help our 15,000 students develop the practical knowledge and professional skills they need to achieve their professional, academic, and personal goals in a competitive world.

The Career Advising and Transition Services provides students with the coaching, mentoring, and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their future and realize their personal and professional goals. They support our students as they transition into the job market, kickstart a new career, improve their employability, or integrate into their new country.


Career Advising and Transition Services currently offers:

•  50+ workshops per year

•  500+ individual advising sessions per year

•  12+ networking events per year

•  One major recruitment event annually

•  For a total 2,500+ annual participants


The service’s future goals include providing our students with mentoring opportunities, as well as internships and a job board.


Career Advising and Transition Services currently offers:

•  50+ workshops per year

•  500+ individual advising sessions per year

•  12+ networking events per year

•  One major recruitment event annually

•  For a total 2,500+ annual participants


The service’s future goals include providing our students with mentoring opportunities, as well as internships and a job board.


Scholarship & Bursaries


The School strives to ensure that all hardworking and deserving adult students have the opportunity to pursue their studies, improve their knowledge and skills, and transform their careers and their lives.

Fall 2012 was a real milestone for the School. We held our first scholarship reception, recognizing the academic achievement of 30 students and introducing them to their donors. These scholarships continue to make a big different in the lives of deserving learners.

“The support goes beyond financial recognition,” says Dean Potter. “It provides Continuing Studies’ students with a sense of belonging and a feeling of being a part of McGill.”



A lack of financial resources should not pose a barrier to a talented student; their academic pursuits help them achieve their career goals and ensure their success. With the help of generous donors, we have been able to provide continued financial support since 2013.


Online Learning

Technical innovation has reshaped the workplace, and we at the School strive to ensure these innovations are reflected in our classrooms. By adapting tools such as webcams, recording facilities, and video-streaming software, we can expand the reach of the classroom experience.

These initiatives will provide a lifeline for students who cannot physically attend class, such as parents at home with young children, working professionals away on business, or people with disabilities.


McGill Writing Centre

The McGill Writing Centre is a valuable University-wide service for students in all disciplines to refine their academic and professional writing.

A need assessment conducted by the School revealed widespread concern among the business community about declining standards of professional writing competencies in the workplace. Keeping in mind the needs of both students and employers, the Centre is addressing these concerns by developing workplace readiness courses, honing writing skills for launching careers, as well designing and implementing a series of workshops and mini-courses devoted specifically to business communication. This suite of resources would focus on:


- Drafting letters, reports, plans, and stakeholder analyses

- Writing for digital media, such as e-communications, websites and Twitter

- Preparing effective oral presentations


Read more about the positive impact our donors are making on our students in the online edition of The Next Page.




Support our Students

How to Contribute


Have something in mind for your gift? You can make your gift online and designate your donation to The School of Continuing Studies (SCS), or you can target your gift to one of our top four priorities.

How to Give


Through the McGill Giving website. Please indicate that you would like to designate your gift to the School of Continuing Studies.


By phone:

Please contact McGill’s Gift-Records hotline at 514-398-2787


By mail:

McGill Annual Fund
1430 Peel Street
Montreal, QC
H3A 9Z9

Please indicate that you would like to designate your gift to the School of Continuing Studies.


If you would like to connect with the School of Continuing Studies in person, please contact:
Development Associate, School of Continuing Studies
alumni.conted [at]


Stay Connected


Have questions or comments? We welcome them and look forward to hearing from you.

Email: alumni.conted [at]


Update your contact information


Has your contact information changed? Keep in touch by letting us know your latest email and mailing address.

We welcome you to join the School of Continuing Studies online!

Ways to Give

Individual and Alumni Gifts

Philanthropy has a lasting impact on the School and our students’ ability to transform their lives and those of their families. Your gift to one of our funding priorities[JM1]  will have a direct effect on student success.

Give now to make an impact today

Matching Gifts

More than 15,000 companies match gifts to McGill University. Does yours?

Double, even triple, the amount of your annual gift to McGill School of Continuing Studies by participating in your employer’s matching gift program.

For information on companies that match donations for employees, their spouses, and retirees, visit

In Honour/In Memory Gifts

Commemorating a special or solemn occasion with a gift to the School recognizes someone special while also serving as a testament to your passion for learning. It is a great way to leave a lasting legacy and to honour friends and loved ones.

“One never really expects anything in return from children. I am happy that all of my nurturing produced model citizens, and that’s satisfying. And when they make you aware of their love, devotion and respect, that is monumental! David’s thoughtful gift to McGill in my honour is truly my cup running over!”
–Naomi Kassie, McGill Community for Lifelong Learning Moderator, on her son David Kassie’s gift in her honour.

In Honour Gift

Recognize someone and celebrate the milestones or achievements in an individual’s life, while contributing to the advancement of learning at SCS.


In Memory Gift

Remember someone special, honour someone’s life, or commemorate the special relationship the individual had with SCS.

To make a donation to In Honour or In Memory gifts, please call: 514-398-4840. Please indicate that you would like to designate your gift to the School of Continuing Studies.

Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with McGill’s School of Continuing Studies gives you:

Brand association with McGill University’s international reputation as one of the world’s top universities
Access to over 15,000 McGill SCS students with strong, relevant credentials and skills
Networking opportunities with a wide array of prospective employees, over 400 SCS instructors, and industry leaders


For more information on how you can partner with the McGill School of Continuing Studies, please contact:

Development Associate, School of Continuing Studies
alumni.conted [at]

Guest Speaker Opportunities

We are always looking for industry professionals who are willing to take a moment and share their wisdom and experiences with our students. We welcome topics relating to emerging trends in your industry as well as sourcing, recruiting and interviewing techniques at your company.

Benefits of becoming a guest speaker:

Engage and get to know our student talent
Increase awareness and visibility about your organization with potential clients


Looking for customized corporate learning options? We can design courses and programs to suit your needs. Click here for more information(Goes to the PARTNERS page)

Gifts to the School of Continuing Studies make a major impact by providing services and support that help our students realize their potential and achieve brighter futures.

Our Donors

Spotlight on… Zeller Family Foundation and the State Street Foundation

Through their generous donations, the Zeller Family Foundation and the State Street Foundation have enabled the School’s Client Services to launch career workshops.

These workshops equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to launch or transition their careers and improve their employability and economic well-being. Our Job Search Series includes topics on crafting effective CVs, job hunting, and interview skills.

These donations have also enabled the School to launch a workshop series for new immigrants, who are often marginalized, unemployed, or underemployed. Topics in our Professional Transition Series provides information on Quebec’s accreditation system, provincial labour standards, and communication and culture in the Canadian workplace.

Spotlight on… Paul Leong

Paul Leong (B.Com ’81), established the School’s first endowed fund for Career Advising and Transition Services.


Leong used to overlook the throngs of students heading towards McGill’s Roddick Gates from his office window at RBC Dominion Securities on McGill College Avenue.  “I really admired those people, who, like my sister, were striving to improve their lives by continuing studies at the end of their working day,” says Leong. “Having been born in Macau and raised in Hong Kong and Mozambique, I was once an immigrant to Canada. I applaud the School’s goal of establishing the Career Advising and Transition Services to help underemployed immigrants be more successful, more quickly.”


Spotlight on… Gerson Vineberg


Gerson Vineberg, School alumnus and now president of a successful retail chocolate business (Suite 88) with two Montreal locations, gives annually to Career Advising and Transition Services. “The reason I directed my gift to the School of Continuing Studies is to help give students a greater sense of direction,” he says. “No matter their level of education, they need to speak to someone who can offer them insights on what they can do next, and help them make the difficult transition from school to work.”


Spotlight on… MACES


The McGill Association of Continuing Education Students (MACES) has made significant financial contributions to improve services that support the School’s hardworking students. Much of MACES’ gifts have been designated to Career Advising and Transition Services, scholarships, and bursaries.

MACES played a major role in supporting the research that helped establish the School’s Career Advising and Transition Services, and almost half of the Association’s fundraising donations have gone to scholarships and bursaries - rewarding academic excellence and helping those in financial need.

“Having these awards offers something transformational to the students who receive them,” says Potter. “We’re so pleased that MACES made student recognition a priority in such a significant way.”

Spotlight on… MACES: Students giving back


The McGill Association of Continuing Education Students (MACES) has made a significant impact on students in a short period of time.

Prior to 2012, “the School did not have scholarships or bursaries to recognize excellence or to give learners a hand,” says Dean Potter.

Since then, almost half of MACES’ fundraising donations have gone to scholarships and bursaries, rewarding academic excellence and helping those in financial need.


Spotlight on… Manon Boisvert and Charles Pitts


In 2011, Continuing Studies instructor Charles Pitts and his wife Manon Boisvert established the Boisvert-Pitts Bursary in Public Relations.

“We believe that a student’s lack of funds should not prevent him or her from attending Continuing Studies in order to get ahead,” Pitts says. “A lot of students may be new to Montreal, just starting careers and families, so money can be tight.”

Manon and Charles’s gift is helping students transcend financial difficulty to upgrade their skills, pursue new career paths, or obtain a much-needed certification or diploma to get ahead.


Spotlight on… Barbara Seal


Barbara Seal, a long-time Canadian Citizenship Court judge, and her husband, Donald W. Seal, QC, have provided generous funding for the School’s first endowed scholarship, the Barbara Seal, CM Scholarship.

Dr. Judith Potter, Dean of the School of Continuing Studies, says that the School’s “key priority is student success. Close to half of the School’s student population is made up of recent immigrants to Quebec; they need resources, sound advice, and opportunities to integrate into the workplace and culture. Barbara Seal’s award will provide well-deserved recognition and encouragement for our students who originate from outside of Canada and who face significant challenges. It will help them to reach their aspirations and ambitions for a more fulfilling and enriched life, and earn better career prospects in their new country.”


Pointing to a fine example of the transformative power of education, Judge Seal describes her meeting with a family from China in her court many years ago. Judge Seal recalls, “Many new immigrants are not yet fluent in English or French. When this family (a mother, a daughter of 12 and a son of 15) came into my court, the son said to me, ‘Judge Seal, can I act as interpreter for my mother?’ Of course I agreed. This 15-year old boy went on to say, ‘My father left us. My mother has studied hard – we’ve studied together. I dream of becoming a doctor in Canada.’ He showed such love and respect that it really touched me. All three of them became Canadian citizens that day. Many years later, a handsome young man knocked at my door and said, ‘Judge Barbara? I just wanted to tell you that my mother and I talk about you all the time. Thanks to your encouragement, I’ve just graduated from medical school!’”


Spotlight on… Rita Lumba-Bacani


Rita Lumba-Bacani has committed $10,000 to create one of the School’s first named, direct-funded awards – the Rita Lumba-Bacani and Jun Bacani Scholarship in Accounting and Taxation and/or Entrepreneurship.

When Rita Lumba-Bacani (CertMgmt ’88, CertAcctg ’88), came to Canada from the Philippines in 1969 to join her husband, chemical engineer Jun Bacani, she learned that her CPA license did not receive full professional status in her newly adopted country.


“We were not seen as professionals,” she recalls. While she found auditing and taxation work to help support her young family, Lumba-Bacani was ambitious, and as her two children grew older, she registered in an academic program at the School specializing in taxation and accounting. “I was so proud to be going back to school,” she says. But it was also demanding: working a 9-to-5 job, taking public transit into Montreal for evening courses, and bussing home to Brossard at the end of the day. In addition, she started her own real estate business and handled all of the accounting for her husband’s two companies. (Jun discovered a way to increase total protein in processed meats by replacing fats with leaner plant and vegetable proteins.)


Lumba-Bacani pursued her dream – and this demanding regimen – for six years. “It was a busy time for the whole family, and I had to work very hard, but it worked out well for us.” Now she’s giving back through her named scholarship, which has already made a difference in the lives of students. “It’s never too late to return to your studies,” she stresses. “I went to McGill when I was over 40 years old, and I want to support other people who are working hard to follow their dreams.”


Spotlight on… Miranda Technologies


Miranda Technologies funded a video and web conferencing facility that accommodates up to 10 on-site participants and several online guests for one-to-one and group discussions. This facility enables instructors at the School, many of them practicing professionals in their field, to interact more efficiently. The web-conferencing facility also fosters collaboration among instructors and graduate students in different locations.

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