May 8, 2020 - Update on the coronavirus

Dear members of the McGill community,

We’re slowly beginning to see some changes in our day-to-day activities, and are gradually taking small steps toward “normal.” The McGill administration continues to very closely monitor the COVID-19 situation in Montreal; all our decisions carefully follow directives from government and public health authorities. As we wrap up our work week, I’d like to take a moment to update you on how the University’s planning activities are progressing in some key areas.

Research activities phase-in

As I wrote to you in an earlier message, the first stage of the progressive research phase-in will begin next week. McGill continues working with the faculties involved to determine additional processes and procedures that are necessary before any research activity can safely re-start.

Once underway, the University will continually monitor how the phase-in is progressing. We will evaluate the protocols enacted in re-opened buildings, the compliance with the University’s safety directives, the need and availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the outcomes of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) inspections.

McGill’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is planning the second stage of the research phase-in. At this time, we are considering opening some research labs in the following buildings:

  • Life Sciences Complex: Bellini Building, Goodman Cancer Research Centre, and McIntyre Medical
  • Macdonald Engineering
  • McConnell Engineering
  • Rutherford Physics
  • Stewart Biology

Principal Investigators whose labs are located in any of the above buildings will soon receive information, from their faculty Dean, about how to submit a request to resume their research. Please note that there is no set timeline for this second phase yet. Dates will be announced once the first phase is carried out successfully.

As a reminder, researchers and employees who are being granted permission to work on campus are required to read and abide by the University’s directives for facilitating a safe and efficient transition.

Additional stages of the research phase-in will be announced later this month. The EOC, along with the Research Planning Group, continues to coordinate with individual faculties in determining access to labs based on a number of factors, including: building and room capacity, viability of implementing physical distancing and other preventative measures, and research activity priorities.

Construction activities

A number of McGill construction activities will resume as of this coming Monday. These include the Outaouais campus, projects underway in buildings where limited research access is being restored, and physically isolated projects that occupy an entire building or an entire section/wing (such as the University Centre, Leacock Amphitheatre/West Terrace, Stewart Biology West Wing, McIntyre Garage, Lyman Duff/Pain CERC). For construction activities in buildings where access is not yet being restored, project managers will be in touch with individual units and building directors. McGill will also authorize some supervised site visits by engineers and architects as part of projects that are at earlier stages (e.g., scope or design).

Thank you for your continued dedication to the University’s mission as we all adapt to an unpredictable world. Stay safe, and I hope you enjoy the weekend.



Fabrice Labeau

Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning), on behalf of the Emergency Operations Centre

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