IT Services

Change to VPN access

1 May 2020

The recent increase in remote-working has made it even more important to protect our infrastructure from cyber threats. Starting on Tuesday, May 5th, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will be...

Zoom security

6 Apr 2020

As Zoom usage has increased during recent weeks, so too has concern over privacy and cybersecurity. If you are using this web conferencing platform, you should read McGill IT’s article about how...

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) postponed

6 Apr 2020

Although it is important that we remain vigilant about cybersecurity practices, our current transition to remote work and learning is not without its emotional strain.

Consult IT’s guidelines for remote work

20 Mar 2020

As most people are working from home, we want to remind you to consult IT’s guidelines for remote work, as new information has been added to help ease your working remotely transition.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) issues

20 Mar 2020

As so many people are working or studying from home, some services such as McGill’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) have been quite busy and occasionally unavailable. IT has been working hard to...

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