Learning and academic work

Fall 2020: Courses will be offered primarily through remote delivery

11 May 2020

Regardless of COVID-19 circumstances this September, McGill will be delivering its academic programs and courses throughout the Fall term and we will start our term as scheduled. To allow our...

Research phase-in

1 May 2020

The Quebec government has authorized universities to progressively resume some research activities, in a limited manner, over the coming weeks. Research activities in the fields of health, natural...

Employee and student safety

1 May 2020

Researchers who will be authorized to work on campus will be required to observe safe distancing from colleagues, and to implement an enhanced cleaning and disinfection process for their workspaces...

Zoom security

6 Apr 2020

As Zoom usage has increased during recent weeks, so too has concern over privacy and cybersecurity. If you are using this web conferencing platform, you should read McGill IT’s article about how...

Accessibility resources for working, learning and teaching remotely

1 Apr 2020

As we move into our new remote learning and assessment environment, we know there may be questions about accessibility, whether you are a student, instructor or staff member. Here are some...

Reminder for instructors teaching remotely

31 Mar 2020

Instructors should record any lecture materials, post content, and assess students in a manner that supports students who may be taking classes while being physically located in different time...

Resources for graduate students

27 Mar 2020

The office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies remains operational with staff working remotely during campus closure. The GPS website has a dedicated page that provides important updates on...

Remote instruction resumes March 30

26 Mar 2020

By now, all students should have received information from their Professors about modifications to their courses for the remainder of the term. If you have not yet heard anything, please contact...


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