We are excited to announce that the structural integration of Counselling and Mental Health Services is in progress. In order to optimize service delivery to students, all clinicians have become one unit under the name Counselling Services and all psychiatrists have formed a new unit called Psychiatric Services. As we implement these changes, we commit to communicating all relevant updates to our students through this site.

Students who wish to see a psychologist, counsellor or therapist should visit Counselling Services in the Brown Student Services Building, Suite 4200, East Wing or telephone 514-398-3601. Students who wish to see a psychiatrist should visit Psychiatric Services in the Brown Student Services Building, Suite 5500, West Wing or telephone 514-398-6019

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Counselling

Our Approach

McGill's Counselling Service emphasizes awareness and prevention, supporting the belief that dealing with problems before they become unmanageable is the key to health and wellness. Focusing less on diagnosis and more on each client's strength and capacity for change, we work with students to help them build the skills they need to solve problems, make decisions and cope more effectively with life's major stressors and daily demands. 

wellness wheel and the eight components: academic, career, cultural, emotional, financial, physical, social, spiritualOur approach draws on a holistic view of the individual, recognizing that each of us is composed of various facets – physical, psychological, social and spiritual – and that each of these facets requires attention in order to live a full and healthy life.

Just as each of our clients' situations is unique, so too are their therapy needs. For some, a brief intervention or answers to worrying questions may relieve their concerns, while others will require ongoing therapy in order to achieve their personal goals. Please see our services to learn more about what we offer.

The Counselling Psychology Values

  • We believe everyone experiences their own unique challenges as they grow and develop.
  • We view students as being able to overcome their difficulties.
  • We practice from a short-term approach builds on student’s resourcefulness and existing strengths.
  • We recognize that personal development, academic performance, and career planning are all interrelated.
  • We know that students affect and are affected by the individuals and circumstances around them.
  • We are sensitive to student diversity.