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Our Team

picture of Vera Romano, Director of Counselling Services


As director of McGill Counselling Services, I'd like to acquaint you with our team and our services. We are a staff of fourteen clinicians (eight Psychologists, four licensed professional Counsellors, and one Social worker), and twelve interns (six Masters level and six Ph.D. level in Counselling Psychology).

Approximately 80% of staff time is devoted to the delivery of direct clinical and counseling services. The remaining staff time is spent in training and supervision, group programs and workshops, consultation and outreach, staff development, administrative responsibilities, teaching and clinical training in the Department of Counselling Psychology, as well as assessment and research initiatives.

The theoretical orientation of our staff is firmly rooted in a practitioner-scholar mode of evidence informed integrative modalities which include a range of theoretical orientations, within a context of strong humanistic values of wellness and diversity. Significant interest and expertise exist in psychodynamic, existential-humanistic, feminist, interpersonal, and new wave cognitive-behavioral models (schema therapy and mindfulness based therapies), with most staff members being theoretically integrative and most operating within the short-term model.

I am proud to introduce you to our team,

Dr. Vera Romano

Ph.D. McGill University (Counselling Psychology)

Psychologist O.P.Q