Update: Learn more about the integration of Counselling and Mental Health Services and the new Psychiatric Services.


Book an Appointment

An appointment can be requested by telephone (514-398-3601) or in person (Brown Student Services Building, 3600 rue McTavish, Suite 4200, East Wing).

What to expect in your first appointment:

In your first appointment, you'll meet with your Client Care Clinician (CCC) to develop a Wellness Plan. Your CCCs is a licensed mental health professionals (or professionals-in-training) that will talk with you about what you’ve been going through, and work with you to help you start feeling better.

At the end of your first appointment you and your CCC will develop a Wellness Plan. Wellness Plans are made up of different resources that are suited to the issue you want to work on and your treatment goals. They can consist of follow-up appointments with your CCC, groups, workshops, TAO, peer support, or referrals to the community.

Mental health isn’t static so your Wellness Plan is intended to be flexible, and you can schedule a check-in with your CCC to update and adjust your plan.

To get the most out of your first appointment please keep the following in mind:

  • What are your mental health goals? For example, what do you want to work on changing in your life? Are you looking for coping tools, or are you looking for a better understanding of an issue?
  • Your feedback is important to your CCC and you’ll get more out of your appointment if you have an open discussion with your CCC about how you’re working together. If you feel like something is missing in your appointment, talk to your CCC about this so you can address this together.


Duration of Treatment

Short-term psychotherapy is provided at Counselling Services. The timeline of treatment will be determined between the counsellor and student, based on the student's need.

If you feel you are in a crisis situation in which you require help without delay, please refer to Urgent Care for instructions on how to proceed. 

What to Bring to Your Appointment

You must bring your McGill ID card and a valid Medical Insurance card (provincial or McGill Blue Cross) to each visit. We also accept CIDA, CIGNA, COWAN and Great-West Life insurance. You will be asked to pay for your visit if you do not have a card. Payment can be made by either debit or credit. 

Cancellation Policy

Due to the high demand for our clinic services, students who cancel their appointments with less than 24 hours before their appointment will pay a $15.00 cancellation fee. Students who do not contact us to cancel will be charged $30.00.