Update: Learn more about the integration of Counselling and Mental Health Services and the new Psychiatric Services.

Our Services

If you require Urgent Care, please refer to the following resources.

The professionals at the McGill Counselling Service provide a variety of services and interventions designed to support the unique needs of university students.  We work with individuals dealing with a wide range of psychological, emotional, and academic challenges to alleviate distress, promote self-understanding, and develop effective solutions to the obstacles impeding their success and growth.

Here is a list of resources that students can access right away:

Direct access 

Online Self-help TAO Workshops
Peer Suppport Nightline SACOMSS
EmpowerMe (SSMU/PGSS) Vent Over Tea 7 cups

The following are resources that would require scheduling an appointment.

Book an appointment   

Counselling Services Psychiatric Services
Group Therapy O-SVRSE