Fall 2013

Religion and Performance in South Asia


The Fall 2013 lecture series sponsored by the McGill Centre for Research on Religion (CREOR) addressed the theme of religion and performance in South Asia. The lectures illuminated the rich and complex links between performance traditions, politics, history, and identity in the living religions of South Asia including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

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Margaret Walker

Associate Professor of Musicology (Ethnomusicology), Queen’s University: From Salām to Praṇām: Sanskritization in India’s Kathak Dance

Zoe Sherinian

Associate Professor of Music (Ethnomusicology), University of Oklahoma, Film Screening: This is a Music: Reclaiming an Untouchable Drum; Performing Tamil Christian Dalit Identity

Anna Schultz

Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, Stanford University: Performing Translation in Jewish India: Kirtans of the Bene Israel

Richard Wolf

Professor of Music, Harvard University: The Drums of Islam: A Shrine and a Story Set in Pakistan

Joyce Flueckiger

Professor of Religion, Emory University: Performativity and Agency of the Material Guise (Veṣam) in a South Indian Goddess Tradition

Davesh Soneji

Associate Professor of South Asian Religions, McGill University: The Powers of Polyglossia: Music, Multilingualism, and the Making of a South Indian Devotional Tradition

Archana Venkatesan

Associate Professor of Religion, University of California-Davis: The Service of Kings: Dance, Music and Recitation at a South Indian Vishnu Temple