Explainer: Class Average

A question that pops up frequently around this time of year is “How are class averages calculated?” I discussed this previously as part of the Questions Show for the BuddleHuddle podcast, but I thought I’d also clear some things up here. First, failures are included in the class average calculation. However, withdrawals, S/U grades or supplemental exam grades are not. Averages aren’t provided with lower enrolment courses (those with fewer than 25 students), and averages are only calculated when 80% of registered students have final grades. After these exceptions, the average (using the grade points) is calculated exactly as you normally calculate averages—no tricks or unusual weightings apply. Keep in mind, though, that this post may not make sense to some students, because not all Faculties agree to post class averages—there is variability here. That’s it, that’s all: now you know. Study hard, stay well.

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