The Office of the Dean of Students has moved spaces and is now located at
Suite 2100, in the Brown Building! 

Worrisome Behaviours

Examples of situations where you are encouraged to advise the Dean of Students of your concern for a student could include:

Worrisome communications 

  • Family have contacted you expressing concern about a student’s behaviour, distress, or lack of contact
  • The student’s e-mail communications or assignments include worrisome comments
  • During a discussion with staff or other students, the student makes worrisome comments or exhibits worrisome behaviours


  • A previously involved student stops participating or has started to miss commitments or deadlines

Behaviour change 

  • Temperament changes (agitation, confusion, abruptness, outbursts, self-absorption)
  • Inappropriate or uncharacteristic behaviour

Repetitive refusal to follow corrective measures 

  • Disregards advice regarding previous incidents
  • Complains about “the system” being the problem