The #BuddleHuddle Podcast

The Buddle Huddle Podcast

Dean Buddle talks all things McGill with students from across both campuses



The Buddle Huddle

Ease into the week with Dean of Students Chris Buddle every week as he engages in conversation with students across McGill University.

Listen to Chris’ candid take on topics that matter most to students and get to know him as he shares his stories about McGill,

life as an administrator, and tips and tricks for student success, in life and learning.

Together discover rarely-seen parts of McGill, and once in a while expect the awkward Dad joke.

Bonne écoute!


Do you have an experience, idea, or perspective you want to share with the McGill community? deanofstudents [at] mcgill.ca (Email us) to express interest in being on the podcast!



Episode One: Pilot Google Play logo  iTunes logo - click to listen Spotify logo - click to listen

Title: Learning Differences

Welcome to the #BuddleHuddle! This is the first episode of the first season of “real talk with your Dean of Students”. In this episode, Dean Chris Buddle introduces the podcast, explains the nuts and bolts of it, discusses what the Office of the Dean of Students does, and has an engaging conversation with a McGill student. That discussion focuses on how a student with dyslexia navigates life as a student at one of the world’s top institutions – McGill University, in Montreal. There’s a surprise phone call at the end, too. Join the conversation – join the #BuddleHuddle. You will learn some things and have fun along the way.


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Title: Exploring Failure

The second episode of the first season of the #BuddleHuddle is about failure. Dean of Students Chris Buddle discusses his own experiences with failure, and how a path of education contains many ups and downs, and although there are often failures along the way, there is also recovery and resiliency. Chris also interviews a student about their own experiences with failure, and how we don’t talk about failure in the right way. McGill University is an academically rigorous institution, and we have ways to rethink our own approach to defining success and failure. Listen in, and join the conversation!

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Title: The Best Espresso

Just where in Montreal can you get the best espresso? Dean Buddle offers some ideas, and he has a favourite place! More than that, this episode features student voices, and their ideas on the most interesting places they like to explore in Montreal, beyond the campuses. Why? Well, being part of McGill actually means being part of Montreal and Quebec. It’s a University in a most amazing city, and connecting with the community beyond the campus grounds is a meaningful way to fully appreciate life as a student at McGill. Oh, and there’s a very special guest on today’s episode: BuddleHuddle all the way…


Episode Four: Green DeanGoogle Play logo  iTunes logo - click to listen Spotify logo - click to listen

Title: Green Dean

It’s time to delve into thinking green. From forest bathing, to biophilia, nature-themed poetry to green roofs: in this episode Dean of Students Chris Buddle talks to a staff member and a student about sustainability at McGill. The discussions include taking stock of how we are doing on green initiatives, and highlights opportunities for people to do more. Some pet peeves are aired, too: recycle, folks! And, what’s up with plastic straws? The episode ends with the fan-favourite “Phone-a-McGillian”.


Episode Five 


Title: The Struggle is Real

Student Mental Health on Campus

From loneliness to impacts of academic distress, the wellbeing and mental health of students is top of mind on campus. In this extended episode of the Buddle Huddle, Dean of Students Chris Buddle talks to staff and students about mental health, focusing on understanding the struggle and hearing perspectives from the community. The conversation includes discussion about how we define mental health, the causes of increased demands on mental health resources (including in Student Services, but also resources such as the student-run Peer Support Centre), perspectives on whether awareness campaigns are serving an important purpose, and ways the University can improve its approach to student wellbeing. We hope you can listen in and join the conversation on this important topic. It affects us all.