American Sociology Association (ASA) Sexualities Preconference


The Sexualities Section of the American Sociological Association (ASA) turned twenty in 2017 amidst political upheaval and revitalized struggles for social justice. To mark the section’s twenty-year anniversary and to engage this political moment, the Sexualities Section will host Sexualities, Race, and Empire: Resistance in an Uncertain Time, its second national pre-conference, from August 9-10, 2018 in Philadelphia. 

Scheduled to precede the 2018 Annual Meeting focused on “Feeling Race”, the pre-conference will bring together scholars working in the field of sexuality studies, highlighting the connections of sexuality, race, affect and emotion, empire, inequality, and resistance in a variety of sites and contexts. Activities will map and advance the field of sexuality studies, identify and pursue new paradigms, build networks and community, foster dialogues toward collective understanding and knowledge, and promote professional development.

Sexualities, Race, and Empire responds to our current political climate by challenging sexualities scholars to foreground race, racialization, and their local, transnational, and global repercussions in our work. Attendees will respond to the surge of racialized, sexualized, and gendered violence occurring throughout the world and the impact of this violence on intimacy, citizenship, and belonging. At the center of our organizations will be implications of the contemporary political landscape for racialized, sexualized, and gendered bodies across the United States and the globe. Attendees will unpack the physical and emotional violence enacted against racialized and sexualized others and challenge ourselves as researchers, theorists, and educators to better understand intersecting oppressions—and to identify strategies for resistance.

IMPACTS Project research assistant (RA) and PhD student Christopher Dietzel is presenting his doctoral research at this event. The title of his session is, "Sexual Violence in LGBTQ+ Communities and Rape Culture on Dating Apps". IMPACTS Project RA and PhD candidate Chloe Garcia is also presenting her research in a session titled, "From online videos to classroom tools: What can YouTube videos mean for sexual consent education?" 

More information about the ASA 2018 Sexualities Preconference program can be found on the website.