National Conference on LGBTTIQA2S Human Rights


Two of the IMPACTS research assistants are attending the National Conference on LGBTTIQ2AS Human Rights. Emil Briones received a scholarship to participate in the conference. Christopher Dietzel is presenting his PhD research, titled "An Overview of LGBTQ Rape Culture and Sexual Violence among Gay-Identified Males." More information about Christopher's presentation can be found in the conference program.

The conference, "LGBTTIQA2S Lives: Our Struggles, Our Victories, Our Challenges" will be an opportunity to assess the state of LGBTTIQA2S rights in Canada. The conference’s main objective is to bring together community and cultural partners, university researchers as well as government representatives for an innovative and open discussion of important issues. The conference will facilitate discussion, networking and learning about what has been done here in Québec and elsewhere in Canada to position ourselves to face the issues to come. More information about the conference is available here.