Undergraduate Volunteers

Alexa ConstantinQuinn LazenbyRendell RingorAlison SchwenkMathilde Warren

The Undergraduate Research Team (URT) is a mentorship program that provides McGill undergraduates with professional experience so they learn about conducting research and develop skills that will help them in their academic development. Being in the Faculty of Education, we highly value mentorship and are excited to engage with students interested in gaining professional research experience.

The URT is led by Christopher Dietzel, who is a PhD student and research assistant on IMPACTS.



Alexa Constantin

Political Science and International Development Studies (BA)

I am excited to be a part of this project because it widens the understanding of what rape culture is, as it usually is associated with heterosexual individuals and dynamics. It extends it to the LGBTQ+ community and addresses their experiences with dating applications, which often go ignored. Through my involvement with this project I hope to gain a better understanding of how sexual violence and rape culture are practiced online, the effect it has on the community and hopefully raise more consciousness through conversation and research. I have previously done a comparative research paper on female empowerment in North and Latin America in order to graduate from CEGEP.


Quinn Lazenby 

Political Science, Sexual Diversity, and Communication Studies (BA)

I am an Undergraduate Political Science student who is minoring in Sexual Diversity and Communication Studies. In addition to being a research assistant for IMPACTS, I volunteer with the AIDS Community Centre of Montreal and the Sexual Health Network of Quebec. Last year I presented my research thesis on racialization and femmephobia on Grindr at the Canvas Symposium of McGill.

I am thrilled to join this project because I find the politics of dating apps fascinating and am passionate about LGBTQ issues. Through this mentorship I hope to connect with individuals who share a common goal of combatting rape culture through education and policy initiatives. 


Rendell Ringor

Psychology, Behavioural Science, and Sexual Diversity Studies (BA)

I am a third year undergraduate student studying Psychology, Behavioural Science, and Sexual Diversity. I am excited to work as a student volunteer, working to prevent rape culture and ensuing policy change because I am passionate about promoting positive social change, especially in regards to sexual health. In my involvement with this project, I am hoping to gain experience in doing research, learning more about queer theory, potentially decrease discrimination and sexual violence within social/dating sites and public spaces, and accumulate professional affiliations that will help me pursue my academic career.

Currently, I am also a research assistant in other labs and research teams, such as Ingrid Sladeczek’s research team where I collect data from Intervention programs across Canada who focus on children who have ASD, and the Development and Intrapersonal Resilience (DAIR) research team where I assist on collecting data on how adolescents cope with stress.


Alison Schwenk

Honours Political Science (BA)

I am thrilled to take part in this research project because I am continually shocked at the reality of sexual assault and rape culture on campus and in the wider community. I am honoured to be involved in creating positive change to better the community and to contribute to a safer, more comfortable environment for everyone. I hope to gain a new perspective on the study of sexual violence and rape culture and I also hope to learn from my team members and from the research itself, furthering my knowledge on the topic to be a better ally in the future. 


Mathilde Warren

International Development Studies (BA)

I’m excited to work on this project because sexual violence is an issue concerning all sexualities and genders. Through the rise of social media apps, our generation has encountered a new pathway to sexual violence that we did not have to face before. Through this project research, I hope to reach goals of creating a safer setting on social media for users, and gain insight into the factors that lead to sexual violence. Through my involvement, I hope to gain experience of gathering data from real-life experiences, analyzing research and concurring real-life policy recommendations.