Resources for researchers

Resources in this section include publications and research guides for scholars researching sexual violence. These are not prescriptive; rather, they are a collation of current debates about sexual violence, including the language and terms used within this area of work, the ethical considerations of working with survivors, and contact information for specific members of our team, in case you would like to get involved or be in conversation with our project members.

Publications and debates about sexual violence

Guides and toolkits:

Contact Information:

  • Project Director: shaheen.shariff [at] (subject: IMPACTS%20Project%20%7C%20Resources%20for%20researchers) (Dr. Shaheen Shariff)
  • Project Lead; Education - Law & Policy: collen.sheppard [at] (subject: IMPACTS%20Project%20%7C%20Resources%20for%20researchers) (Dr. Colleen Sheppard)
  • Project Lead; Activism in Arts, and Popular Culture: carrie.rentschler [at] (subject: IMPACTS%20Project%20%7C%20Resources%20for%20researchers) (Dr. Carrie Rentschler)
  • Project Lead; News & Social Media: spoyntz [at] (subject: IMPACTS%20Project%20%7C%20Resources%20for%20researchers) (Dr. Stuart Poyntz)
  • For all other inquiries, please contact the Project Administrator at [at]