MBA Advisors

MBA and Masters students are encouraged to meet with a Career Advisor based on their chosen career path. Consult our Career Advisors and the areas they specialize in.

Adam Halpert

Adam.Halpert [at] (Adam Halpert)

Associate Director, MBA Career Services
MBA Career Advisor & Coach

Sema Burney

sema.burney [at] (Sema Burney)

MBA Career Advisor & Coach

Zsolt Kekesi

zsolt.kekesi [at] (Zsolt Kekesi)

Masters Career Advisor & Coach

Danielle Dagenais

danielle.dagenais [at] (Danielle Dagenais)

Masters, Finance Stream Advisor

Fiona Macfarlane

fiona.macfarlane [at] (Fiona Macfarlane)

Masters Stream Advisor and Business Development

Jean Pierre Interlino

jean-pierre.interlino [at] (Jean-Pierre Interlino)

Masters Stream Advisor and Business Development