The Most Powerful Entrepreneurs in Canada

Published: 19Nov2015

Who’s really calling the shots in Canada? Every year, Canadian Business compiles a list of the Power 50, the dealmakers, financiers, entrepreneurs and CEO whisperers who are shaping the way we do...

Innovating with Impact: Building Successful Businesses from Science-based Discovery


Universities are full of bright, curious individuals asking fundamental questions. What isn’t evident is how breakthroughs are transformed into marketable products and services that combat complex...

How does innovation come to life at McGill?

Published: 8Jun2016

Innovation is certainly a buzzword in business media and Canadian policy – but at what point does the buzz transform into action? At McGill, “innovation” is most broadly understood to mean the...

Minoring in entrepreneurship, majoring in success

Published: 10Apr2016

Popular culture loves the mythology of the self-made success, the boot-strapping individual who eschews formal education to blaze a path to success. But, while superstar dropouts can capture our...

Entrepreneurship minors for non-management students

The McGill Faculties of Arts, Science, Engineering, Education, Music and Agricultural and Environmental Sciences are collaborating with the Desautels Faculty of Management in offering new 18 credit...

McGill Dobson Cup Application is now open!


McGill Dobson Cup Application is now open! 22 January, 2016 to 1 Feb, 2016 /desautelsCategory: Desautels Faculty of Management

Making Your Passion Pay

Published: 21Aug2015

When British entrepreneur Oliver Proudlock visited France for a ski season he didn’t expect to sell a chalet and begin his start-up journey. Here is his story... “I sold a small guest house in the...

Going Off on Your Own (or Not): MBA Electives in Entrepreneurship

Published: 24Jul2014

From Richard Branson to Steve Jobs, entrepreneurs might be considered the defining business leaders of this generation....