McGill-HEC Executive MBA (EMBA)

A step toward saving the vulnerable

Published: 28Jan2019

Longueuil Police Chief Fady Dagher (EMBA’12) has announced the creation of a new intervention and support team for young people who have been or are at risk of being recruited into the sex trade....

A decade of executive MBA transformation

Published: 11Feb2019

As the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program marks its tenth anniversary, La Presse looks back on its record of impact, both within the classroom and beyond. Read more

Catapulting startups with a cultural mission

Published: 11Feb2019

La Piscine is the first organization in Quebec dedicated to growing a startup ecosystem around creative and cultural innovation....

Reflecting on new Aboriginal Languages Bill

Published: 12Feb2019

While Innu leaders welcome the federal government's new Aboriginal Languages ​​Bill, they believe that the Bill alone will not be enough to guarantee the survival and vitality of these languages....

Making strides to integrate immigrants into the workplace

Published: 20Feb2019

Montreal attracts around three-quarters of immigrants to Quebec, but many new arrivals have a hard time finding work due to institutional barriers. Frantz Saintellemy (EMBA'20), President of Groupe...

The strategy behind a solid strategic plan

Published: 13Mar2019

Professor Louis Hébert, Academic Director of the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program, joins Les Affaires to share his expertise on how to undertake an effective strategic reflection in an organization...

Breathing new life into eastern Quebec

Published: 19Mar2019

La Presse catches up with hotelier François Rioux (EMBA’08) to explore the strides that FIDEL – an organization uniting businesspeople from Matane – has made to revitalize the city following a...

New heights for Syntax

Published: 21Mar2019

Following the double acquisition of foreign tech companies by Syntax, the company’s CEO Christian Primeau (EMBA’12) shares his perspective on what this achievement signifies and his vision for the...

Announcing a new vegan investment fund

Published: 21Mar2019

Quebec has just announced a new fund to support vegan enterprises, Vegan Capital, with ACEM emerging as its first investor. For Indu Krishnamurthy (EMBA’15), Executive Director of ACEM, the fund...