More from Demetrios Vakratsas' Recent Research


Synergistic, Antagonistic, and Asymmetric Media Interactions

Authors: Ceren Kolsarici, and Demetrios Vakratsas

Publication: Journal of Advertising, Vol. 47, No. 3, 2018

Published: 28 Sep 2018

Protecting positioning innovations: the emergence of non-traditional trademark registrations

Authors: S. Mishra, Demetrios Vakratsas, and A. V. Krasnikov

Publication: Marketing Letters, Vol. 29, No. 3, September 2018

Published: 27 Sep 2018

2017 SSHRC Connection Grant

Congratulations to Professor Demetrios Vakratsas on receiving a 2017 SSHRC Connection Grant for his project entitled “Empirical & Theoretical Canadian Marketing Strategy Symposium: Marketing Analytics for Better Decisions”.

Published: 19 Jan 2017

Correcting for misspecification in parameter dynamics to improve forecast accuracy with adaptively estimated models

Authors: Kolsarici, C. and Vakratsas, D.

Publication: Management Science 

Published: 30 Oct 2015

Correcting for Misspecification in Parameter Dynamics to Improve Forecast Accuracy with Adaptively Estimated Models

Authors: Ceren Kolsarici and Demetrios Vakratsas

Publication: Management Science


Published: 17 Apr 2015