Faculty Chairs, awards & achievements

Chairs & awards l Distinguished Teaching Awards

Chairs & awards

Nancy Adler 2014-2021
Bronfman Chair - First awarded
Animesh 2017-2020

Desautels Faculty Scholar

Laurent Barras 2018-2021 Desmarais Scholar Award
Matthieu Bouvard 2017-2020 Desmarais Faculty Scholar
Tamer Boyaci 2010-2013
Quebec Chair
Desautels Faculty Scholar
Reuven Brenner 2007 Repap Chair in Economics
Francesca Carrieri 2010-2013 Desmarais Scholar
Lisa Cohen 2018-2021
Desautels Scholar Award
Desautels Faculty Fellow
Robert David 2018-2021
Peter Brojde Faculty Scholar Award in Entrepreneurship - Renewed
Quebec Chair
Cleghorn Scholar
- 2nd
Adolfo De Motta 2016-2019

Desmarais Faculty Scholar

Laurette Dubé 2010-2017

James McGill Professor - 2nd

Jan Ericsson 2016-2019

Desmarais Faculty Scholar

Vihang Errunza

2007 BMO Chair in Finance
Dror Etzion 2018-2021 Desautels Scholar Award
Samer Faraj 2008 Canada Research Chair in Technology, Management and Healthcare (tier 2, 2008-onward)
Steve Fortin 2014-2016 RSM Richter - One-time award
Ruslan Goyenko 2014-2017 Desmarais Scholar
Mehmet Gumus 2017-2019
Bensadoun Faculty Scholar
Desautels Faculty Scholar
Kunsoo Han 2017-2019 Bensadoun Faculty Scholar
Ruthanne Huising 2016-2021 William Dawson Scholar
Yu Ma 2017-2019 Bensadoun Faculty Scholar
Steve Maguire 2017-2020
Cleghorn Faculty Scholar
Quebec Chair
Desautels Chair in Integrated Management
Saku Mantere 2016-2018 Desautels Faculty Fellow
Henry Mintzberg 2007 Cleghorn Chair in Management Studies
Saurabh Mishra 2017-2020

Desautels Faculty Scholar

Corey Phelps 2018-2021
Desautels Scholar Award
Desautels Faculty Fellow
Alain Pinsonneault 2009-2019

IMASCO Chair in Information Systems
James McGill Professor - Renewed

Jui Ramaprasad 2017-2020 Desautels Faculty Scholar
Saibal Ray 2010-2013
Quebec Chair
Faculty Scholar
Desautels Business Leadership Chair 1
Brian Rubineau 2017-2020 Desautels Faculty Scholar
Hongping Tan 2018-2021 Desautels Scholar Award
Omar Toulan 2010-2013 Quebec Chair
Desmond Tsang 2014-2016

RSM Richter - One-time award
Li Ka Shing Fellow

Emmanuelle Vaast 2018-2021
Desautels Scholar Award
Desautels Faculty Fellow
Demetrios Vakratsas 2017-2019

Bensadoun Faculty Scholar
Quebec Chair

Vedat Verter 2013-2020 James McGill Professor - Research grant

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Each year, the Desautels Faculty of Management recognizes two outstanding faculty members with Distinguished Teaching Awards, one at the undergraduate level and one at the graduate level.

Nominations are submitted by students. The purpose of the award is to honour excellence in teaching which can be reflected through a combination of student teaching evaluations, stimulating lectures, masterful orchestration of case discussions, enthusiasm for teaching, a personal commitment to student learning and growth, and development of new teaching methods.

Year Undergraduate Graduate
May 2018

Warut Khern-am-nuai, BCom Core Teaching Award

Juan Serpa, BCom Elective Teaching Award

David Schumacher, Innovation in Teaching Award

Changseung Yoo, MMA Teaching Award

Desmond Tsang, MMF Teaching Award

Sujata Madan, MBA Core Teaching Award

Benjamin Croitoru, MBA Japan Teaching Award

May 2017 Desmond Tsang David Schumacher
June 2017 Juan Serpa Sujata Madan
June 2016 Sebastien Betermier Sujata Madan
June 2015 Vadim di Pietro Sujata Madan
June 2014 Ruthanne Huising Philippe Levy
June 2013 Jay Hewlin Elliot Lifson
June 2012 Peter Younkin Sujata Madan
June 2011 Margaret Graham Jeroen Struben
June 2010 Desmond Tsang Tamer Boyaci
June 2009 Saibal Ray Peter Christoffersen
June 2008 Richard Donovan Sujata Madan
June 2007 Adolfo de Motta David M.Lank
June 2006 Larbi Hammami Susan Christoffersen
June 2005 Omar Toulan Margaret Graham
June 2004 Robert David Derek Hart
June 2003 Louis Gialloreto Wajeeh Elali
June 2002 Steve Fortin Karl Moore
June 2001 Glenn Zabowski Michelle Buck
June 2000 Diane Gauvin Louis Gialloreto
June 1999 Diane Castonguay Larbi Hammami
June 1998 Philippe Levy Pietro Martucci
June 1997 Glenn Zabowski Derek Hart
June 1996 S.K. Bandyopadhyay M.L. Buck
June 1995 Anne D. Smith G. Alex Whitmore
June 1994 Anne Hale Kunal Basu
June 1993 Frances R. Westley N/A
June 1992 Peter R. Johnson Laurent Picard
June 1991 Hamid Etemad Jay A. Conger
June 1990 Jon Hartwick Nancy J. Adler
June 1989 Seymour Abt David M. Saunders
June 1988 John Heaphy Jay A. Conger
June 1987 Marvin Goldberg
(no designation - "outstanding teaching")
June 1986 Jon Hartwick Cynthia Hardy
June 1985 Nancy J. Adler
(no designation - "outstanding teaching")