Profiles List

Elliot Lifson

Michelle Y. Lu

Research areas: Advertising, Consumer Education

Yu Ma

Research areas: Data Analytics, Retail Marketing

Robert Mackalski

Research areas: Branding

Sujata Madan

Steve Maguire

Research areas: Corporate Social Entrepreneur, Corporate Social Responsibility, Integrated Management, Leadership & Governance, Risk Management, Social Enterprise, Social Entrepreneur, Social Innovation, Sustainability Collaboration, Sustainable Development, Technology & Innovation

Saku Mantere

Research areas: Health Management, Integrated Management, Organization Identity, Organizational Theory, Strategic Management, Strategy Process

Anthony C Masi

Research areas: Comparative Labour and Industrial Policies, Demography and Population Studies, Labour Force and Labour Market, Labour-Management Relations
Don Melville

Don Melville

Henry Mintzberg

Saurabh Mishra

Research areas: Brand Equity, Branding, Corporate Social Responsibility, Data Analytics, Empirical/Behavioral Operations Management, Forecasting Methods and Regression Modelling, Marketing-Finance Interface, Marketing Research Techniques and Survey Methodology, Outsourcing Strategy, Performance Measurement, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management

Karl Moore

Research areas: Global Leadership

Ashesh Mukherjee

Elena Obukhova

Research areas: China, Cross-cultural/Multicultural Management, Emerging Markets, International Business, Labour Force and Labour Market, Managerial Careers, Organizational Theory, Social Networks

Peter (Seung Hwan) Oh