Profiles List

Peter (Seung Hwan) Oh

Paola Perez-Aleman

Research areas: Emerging Market Strategy, Entrepreneurship, International Management, Social Innovation, Sustainable Development, Technology & Innovation

Corey Phelps

Alain Pinsonneault

Research areas: Business Value of IT

Jorien Pruijssers

Wei Qi

Jui Ramaprasad

Research areas: IT in Healthcare, Social Innovation, Social Media, Technology & Innovation

Saibal Ray

Jean-Nicolas Reyt

Research areas: Construal Levels, Creativity, Learning, Social Hierarchies

Guillaume Roussellet

Research areas: Asset Pricing, Mutual & Hedge Funds, Sovereign Credit Risk, Statistical Methodology

Brian Rubineau

Emine Sarigollu

Emine Sarigollu

Research areas: Brand Equity, Environmental Perceptions and Attitudes, Ethical Leadership, International Business, Marketing Research Techniques and Survey Methodology

Sergei Sarkissian

David Schumacher

Research areas: Asset Pricing, Delegated Asset Management, International Finance

Julia Scott