Profiles List

Amanda Abrams

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Accounting; First-Year Coordinator for the GCPA Program

Leslie Breitner

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, IMHL Academic Director, IMPM Academic and Module Director, GROOC Co-Creator, Accounting Area
Research areas: Health Management

Ralph Cecere

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, Accounting

Mo Chaudhury

Title: Associate Professor of Finance (Teaching)
Research areas: 2007-2009 Credit Crisis, Capital Markets, Derivatives, Emerging Markets, Risk Management

Vadim di Pietro

Title: Associate Professor (Teaching), Finance; Chief Investment Officer, Desautels Capital Management

Richard Donovan

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, Information Systems

Louis Gialloreto

Title: Associate Professor (Teaching), Marketing; Mini-MBA Director at the McGill Executive Institute

Larry Goldsman, CPA, CA

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, Accounting

Larbi Hammami

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, Finance

Jay Hewlin

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Organizational Behaviour
Shoeb Hosain

Shoeb Hosain

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Operations Management; Program Director, MMA Program

Jiro Kondo

Title: Assistant Professor (Teaching), Finance
Research areas: Contract Economics, Corporate Finance, Economics of Regulation, Law & Economics

Marie Josée Lamothe

Title: Professor of Practice, Bensadoun School of Retail Management

Philippe Levy

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer & Executive Seminar Leader

Elliot Lifson

Title: International Advisory Board; Professor of Practice, Strategy & Organization

Robert Mackalski

Title: Assistant Professor (Teaching), Marketing; Director, McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship
Research areas: Branding

Sujata Madan

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, Finance
Don Melville

Don Melville

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Strategy & Organization

Karl Moore

Title: Associate Professor, (prof), Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Global Leadership

Julia Scott

Title: Director, GCPA Program; Senior Faculty Lecturer, Accounting

Taweewan Sidthidet

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Operations Management

Brian E Smith

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, Operations Management
Research areas: Risk Management

Melissa Sonberg

Title: Faculty Lecturer, Organizational Behaviour

Gregory Vit

Title: Associate Professor (Professional), Strategy & Organization

Chantal Westgate

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, Organizational Behavior