Profiles List

Frédérique Carrier

Title: Desautels Global Expert; Managing Director, Head of Investment Strategy, RBC Wealth Management

Francesca Carrieri

Title: Associate Professor, Finance
Research areas: Asset Pricing, International Finance, Portfolio Management

Ralph Cecere

Title: Senior Faculty Lecturer, Accounting

Tullio Cedraschi

Title: Desautels Global Expert; Former President & Chief Executive Officer, CN Investments

Bertrand Cesvet

Title: Desautels Global Expert; Executive Chairman & Senior Partner, Sid Lee Inc

Mo Chaudhury

Title: Associate Professor of Finance (Teaching)
Research areas: 2007-2009 Credit Crisis, Capital Markets, Derivatives, Emerging Markets, Risk Management

Zhu Chen

Title: PhD Student, Accounting

Aaron Cheung

Title: Desautels Global Expert; Managing Director, BNP Paribas Wealth Management

John E. Cleghorn

Title: Retired Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Royal Bank of Canada; Honorary Lifetime Member of International Advisory Board

Lisa Cohen

Title: Associate Professor and Area Coordinator, Organizational Behaviour
Research areas: Human Resource Management, Labour Issues, Labour Market, Managerial Careers, Organization/Job Structure, Organizational Theory, Recruitment

Benny Cohen

Title: Desautels Global Expert; President & CEO, KPI Digital

Linxiao Francis Cong

Title: PhD Student, Finance

Matthew Corritore

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Alternative Work Arrangements, Culture & Consumption, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory

Jean-François Courville

Title: Desautels Global Expert; Chief Executive Officer at Wealthsimple for Advisors

Martin Cousineau

Title: PhD Student, Health Care

Benjamin Croitoru

Title: Associate Professor, Finance; Academic Director, MBA Japan
Research areas: Asset Pricing, Mutual & Hedge Funds, Portfolio Management, Risk Management