Frequently asked questions

When can I register for classes?

You will receive an email at your McGill address informing you of the registration dates.

How do I add a sixth course?

Adding a sixth course requires a minimum GPA of 3.50. Please see an adviser in the BCom Office for approval.

How can I register for a closed course?

To register for a closed course you must fill in and submit the Closed Course Request Form available at the BCom Office or on the BCom website. During the first two weeks of courses we do not accept closed course forms; during this time you must see a student adviser if you wish to register for a closed course.

Can I register for a continuing education class?

As a rule, the BCom Office does not permit students to register for continuing education classes. However, if you would like to take a course which is not offered during the day or you believe your case to be an exception (i.e. its your last term and you need the course to graduate), please fill in and submit the Cont-Ed Course Approval form available at the BCom Office or on the BCom website.

Why can’t I register for my non-management class?

If you are trying to register for a non-management class and Minerva is not allowing you, please verify the error message and seek assistance with the relevant faculty’s student affairs office.

I would like to take a course with a satisfactory/unsatisfactory option.

You may take any free elective with an S/U option. Please note that courses which serve as prerequisites are not considered free electives. You may take one S/U option course per term and you are entitled to take a maximum of 10% of your total course load with an S/U option. Students may select or cancel the S/U option only during registration or the add/drop period through a request to the BCom Student Affairs Office. All S/U credits will be excluded when calculating the Grade Point Average. Careful consideration should be given before using this option as it can affect scholarship and award consideration, where a minimum of 27 graded credits are required, as well as future admission to law or graduate schools.

What is the difference between a major and a concentration?

A major requires 30 credits, while a concentration requires 15.

Can I take only one concentration?

Yes, but students taking only one concentration and no major must choose a minor in another faculty in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

I am in U1, do I need to declare a major?

Yes, registration in a major is necessary in order to enroll in certain U1 core classes. Please remember that this is a temporary decision and the BCom Student Affairs Office encourages you to make a more informed selection closer to U2 registration time.

What grade do I need to pass a course?

All courses other than free electives require a minimum grade of C (55%). Free electives require a minimum grade of D (50%). Please note that courses which serve as prerequisites are not considered free electives and require a minimum grade of C (55%).

I received a D in a required class, what do I need to do?

If it is a BCom class, you will need to retake the class. If it is a non-management class, you may retake the class or choose to apply to take a supplemental exam. In either case both the original grade and the second grade will count toward your GPA, however you will only receive the credits once.

When will the final exam schedule be posted?

Please contact McGill University’s Exam Office for up-to-date exam information or click here for important dates.

My midterm is scheduled during one of my non-management classes.

If your midterm is scheduled during one of your non-management classes, please contact your professor immediately to discuss alternative arrangements.

I need to defer a midterm, what do I do?

If you are going to miss or have missed a midterm please contact your professor immediately.

I have an exam conflict, what do I do?

Final exams are considered to be in conflict when you are scheduled for two exams simultaneously or are scheduled for three exams CONSECUTIVELY. For a final exam conflict, you should receive an email from the McGill Exam Office. If you are not contacted, or if you have any questions about whether or not your exams are in conflict, further information can be found online at For midterm exams there is no set policy on conflicts and midterm exams, with the exception of midterms scheduled during non-management classes (see above). Please speak with your professor if you feel your midterm schedule creates a conflict situation.

All Quebec universities pay a fee to Copibe—a consortium that protects the interests of authors and editors—which gives McGill the right to photocopy material that is protected by copyright.

Where and when do I pay my tuition fees?

For methods of payment and dates of payment for tuition fees, please contact Student Accounts at 514-398-3900 or

What documents do I need to submit for my exchange application?

You are required to submit a letter of intent on Minerva as well as two academic references. Your references need to be given to the SESA Office(in the James Administration building, room 206) in signed and sealed envelopes. If you are considering a CREPUQ exchange, a copy of your birth certificate will also be required.

How do I apply for my exchange?

The deadline for exchange applications is shortly after classes resume in the winter semester. Please check for the precise date. You apply online via Minerva. You will be notified about acceptance via email.

I have been accepted for an exchange, but I wasn’t notified of my choice. Which exchange was I approved for?

While the email we sent you doesn’t expressly state which school you have been nominated for, the information is available in Minerva by clicking on “details.” This link should lead you to your application; the school that you have been nominated for will be listed under “nominated institution.”