International study trip

During the second year, as part of the curriculum, all students participate in a one week international study trip to one of the world’s leading cities. The trip exposes students to both the practice of international business and the subtler issue of what it takes to really understand a foreign market through hands on experiential learning.

Carolyn Steele“The international trip was easily one of the most valuable components of my PMBA experience at Desautels. The best business decisions don't come from reading reports, but from getting out in the field and truly understanding the operating context of global businesses. The trip offered our class a chance to challenge our assumptions and emerge with the tools needed to operate in a global environment.”

Carolyn Steele, PMBA 2014
Sr. Product Developer, Bauer Hockey Corp.


Jeffrey Courey“A big part of the PMBA experience is being able to immediately apply what we learn in class into our everyday work lives. Since we are all working in an increasingly globalized society, the International Study Trip proved to be a relevant and useful guide to foreign market expansion and international business relations. We learned how to analyze geographic market expansion in a low-risk and systematic approach based on in-depth field research and hands-on experiences. The trip was rewarding from a personal, educational and business perspective.”

Jeffrey Courey, PMBA 2014
Chief Operating Officer, George Courey Inc.


Philippe Gervais“The International Study Trip has the feel of an open, multifaceted lab where one can experiment with the tenets of international, integrative management in a wholly different context. In a world where adaptation and change are increasingly revered and necessary, this experience nicely complemented the curriculum by providing for a dose of practicality not unlike that of an internship. It's a truly unique experience."

Philippe Gervais, PMBA 2014
Section Manager - Late-Stage Collections, Desjardins