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CRSP Database

  • The CRSP Database provides access NYSE/AMEX/Nasdaq daily and monthly security prices and other historical data related to over 20,000 companies. The data is provided by the Center for Research in Security Prices, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago.
  • CRSP is updated annually.
  • Access is allowed to users from the University of Toronto and other academic institutions who have current subscriptions to this database and appropriate agreements with CHASS.
  • For subscription information please contact Chris Leowski at CHASS.
  • Click here to access CRSP


  • The Electronic Data Resources Service (EDRS) is offered by McGill University Libraries in support of teaching and  research in all disciplines. It offers access to data resources generated by various providers.
  • Due to licensing agreements with data suppliers, some of the resources are limited to McGill users either on campus or via McGill dial-up access (DAS). Commercial use of data resources is prohibited. Please read general license agreements.
  • Click here to access EDRS

IFS - International Financial Statistics

  • International Financial Statistics (IFS) CD is the CD-ROM version of the International Monetary Fund's main statistical publication. The CD-ROM provides users with time series data covering approximately 26,000 economic concepts which show major economic aggregates used in the analysis of economic development and includes data on the following topics: Balance of payments, Banking and Financial Systems, Employment, Exchange Rates, Fund Position, Finance, Government, Interest Rates, International Liquidity and Banking, National Accounts, Population, Prices, Production, and Trade. The database is up-dated monthly.
  • IFS (International Financial Statistics) networked CD-ROM is available to the McGil academic community (students, academic staff and researchers) both from the McGill libraries and remote sites:
    1. Networked CD-ROM Database via MIDAS workstations:
    2. REMOTE access for the LABS, Offices and Home via DAS
    3. For remote access to IFS, the user will have to download "Winframe" to his workstation. A User's Guide is available online:


  • SourceOECD was on test at McGill since December 4, 2000. It was accessible to McGill users. The McGill Libraries has now formally subscribed to this web portal of OECD. SourceOECD offers access to 20 book collections by themes (approx. 600 titles) containing all the monographs and reports; 20 periodical titles; some reference titles; and the 24 OECD Statistical Databases.
  • Fore more information, click here.