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Faculty of Education partners in launch of McGill's Indigenous Health Profession Program

by McGill Reporter staff Eniethi’nikonhraiéntho’: “We’ll plant a seed in their minds”

The fragrance of sage hung in the air and the sound of drumming and singing was heard at the Faculty Club on March 1, from 4–7 p.m. for the official launch of the Indigenous Health Professions Program (IHPP).

Published: 14 Mar 2018

Aziz Choudry publishes review of Irene Watson's "Indigenous People as Subjects of International Law"

Aziz Choudry has published a review of Irene Watson's recent book Indigenous People as Subjects of International Law (Routledge, 2017)....

Published: 9 Feb 2018

Annual Pow-Wow and Indigenous Awareness Week, September 2015

During the month of September McGill will host the 14th Annual Pow-Wow (September 18) and the 5th annual Indigenous Awareness Week (September 21-25). McGill University’s Indigenous Awareness Week is designed to increase awareness at McGill about Indigenous peoples in Canada....

Published: 3 Sep 2015

Scarf Ceremony at First Peoples' House

On October 28th, 2014, First Peoples' House held a celebration to honor the Fall Graduates.  It was a Scarf Ceremony followed by a dinner.  It was held at the McGill Faculty Club.  Jim Howden, the Director, and Tina Schiavone, one of the Student Advisors attended.  It is always a special occasion sharing this moment with the graduates, members of their community as well as their partners and families.

Published: 31 Oct 2014