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Meet the startups that compete in the Finals of the McGill Dobson Cup powered by National Bank.


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McGill Lean Startup

Develop an idea into a viable startup concept during our intensive 4-week online program.

Digital Transformation

Supporting startups with their digital acceleration


McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship

The McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship is the hub of entrepreneurial activity at McGill University. Its mission is to support McGill entrepreneurs as they seek to build innovativecompanies with a purpose.

The Dobson Centre offers McGill University students, faculty, and alumni:

  • entrepreneurship programs tailored to the different stages of the entrepreneurial journey. Find the right program for you! 
  • mentorship opportunities.
  • access to a wide network of resources

Learn more about the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship coordinates and participates in the following entrepreneurship programs and events.

McGill Dobson Cup

The McGill Dobson Cup (MDC) is the flagship startup competition that offers finalists the opportunity to compete for just over $200,000 in seed funding. More about McGill Dobson Cup

X1 Accelerator

Designed to accelerate later-stage McGill startups towards investment-readiness and launch in the Fall. Learn more about McGill X-1 Accelerator

Lean Startup

Lean Startup is an intensive online program designed to help you develop your idea into a viable startup concept, while initiating you into the world of entrepreneurship. Learn more about McGill Lean Startup

​McGill Startup Tour

An opportunity for the most promising McGill startups from the McGill Dobson Cup and the McGill X-1 Acceleratorto pitch and engage with the global McGill alumni community of successful entrepreneurs, investors and VCs. Learn more about McGill Startup Tour

McGill Neuroscience Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

The McGill Neuroscience Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program is a tailored learning approach intended specifically for scientific researchers with neuroscience innovations. It is designed to help take you from the idea stage to developing and launching a viable startup while initiating you into the world of entrepreneurship. More about the McGill Neuroscience Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

McGill Digital Accelerator

The McGill Digital Accelerator offers digital services to McGill affiliated startups, SMBs, and non-for-profits in need of digital acceleration. Learn more about the McGill Digital Accelerator

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