McGill Demo Day 2018

Watch our McGill Demo Days pitches


Keenoa: An AI-powered app built as a platform to connect dietitians and patients. Patients can simply take a photo of their meal, and Keenoa will identify the nutrients.

Haven Hub

Haven Hub: A social enterprise that reimagines primary healthcare to curb the overuse of emergency services by offering home care therapies.

CURA Therapeutics

CURA Therapeutics: Developing innovative immunotherapies to cure pancreatic cancer and other solid malignancies with their patented technology and PhD expertise.


Krypto: Monitors & analyzes blockchain transaction to help financial institutions.


Nightline: National organization focused on implementing local support services for students at night and in-depth training sessions across Canada. It is currently looking at global expansion.

SMS Jobs

SMS Jobs: Targets the blue collar industry’s hiring process with its unique platform connecting employers and employees to communicate job offers and make appropriate matches.


SiRP: Revolutionizing supply chain management as a unique collaborative Supply Chain Management platform automating informational and transactional flow throughout the external supply chain.

Nimbus Tutoring

Nimbus Tutoring: An education platform that connects students with tutors for in-person, course-specific tutoring lessons at the university level.


Orbityl’s sensor integrates into earbud headphones and monitors brain activity from inside the ear. Algorithms translate the complex patterns in the signal to specific thoughts from a user.

Saccade Analytics

Saccade Analytics believes that accurate diagnosis of brain function is key to protecting patients and improving health outcomes. They use advanced eye-tracking software and analytics to provide a novel, more effective way of diagnosing neurological disorders at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods.



Remixed: Transforming the concept of traditional trail mixes by introducing dehydrated beans and re-purposed fruit, providing an affordable alternative that combats food waste.


Entr: A platform that helps you discover and book unique venues and creative spaces for your next event. Entr also recently raised a $1.13 million seed round towards expanding across Canada while continuing to build its product and optimize the user experience.

Taiga Motors

Taiga Motors: The world’s first electric snowmobile designed from the ground up that is faster, more reliable, more efficient & better connected to winter.