Clinic trainee resources

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This page contains resources for student Trainees of the McGill Psychoeducational & Counselling Clinic.



The Clinic Manual of Policies and Procedures contains all the information Trainees will need to successfully operate in the Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic. This document should be read from start to finish PRIOR to calling your first client.

The manual contains all the forms used by Trainees to develop their Client File with instructions for form use. Please note: Trainees are NOT to print and use the SAMPLE forms in the Manual for inclusion in Client files. Trainees are to download original forms below for use.

For any questions, please consult with your Course Instructor or Dr. Nate Fuks, Clinic Director.


Clinic Manual






OPQ Code of Ethics

OPQ Expanatory Guide to the Code of Ethics

OCCOQ Code of Ethics


Record Keeping

OPQ Guide to Record Keeping



DSM-V (McGill users only)