Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Policy

McGill has a policy that requires all graduate students are to complete mandatory progress reporting for each year that they are a registered student in a Graduate-level Thesis or Research Program with the university.

In compliance with this policy, all students are advised that they must meet with their supervisors at the beginning of each academic year to complete and submit the GPS Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Form to the Department. This report is to be submitted no later than the September 30th of each year.* The form must be signed by both the student and their supervisor(s). Copies should be kept by both parties. A high quality colour scan is to be submitted via email to to the student’s program email account by the deadline (see program emails below). The Department support staff will ensure the at the GPS Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Form is reviewed and approved by the Graduate Program Director.

Students are to review each year’s previous report during their annual face-to-face meeting with their supervisor in order to assess the student’s progress towards objectives and goals, and to set the upcoming academic year’s goals.In the event that a student may not be progressing according to the objectives set out in the “Graduate Student Progress Report”, interim meetings should be held to review any issues that have arisen.

The GPS Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Form, along with policies and detailed instructions related to completing this form, can be found on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

*Please note: Certain programs require separate program-specific Annual/Progress Reports that are to be completed by the student and their supervisor that may be required in addition to or in place of the provided Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies form above. As well, deadline dates for submission may vary by program. Please be sure to verify your program's specific requirements so as to be in compliance with their particular policies.



  • Counselling Psychology students: [at] (subject: GPS%20Graduate%20Student%20Research%20Progress%20Tracking%20Form)
  • School Psychology students: [at] (subject: GPS%20Graduate%20Student%20Research%20Tracking%20Form)
  • Human Development, Learning Sciences and Master of Education Project Concentration students: [at] (subject: GPS%20Graduate%20Student%20Research%20Tracking%20Form)