The Space Between




“The Space Between” is an arts-education collaborative exploration involving McGill University's Faculty of Education, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and local schools. [visit Facebook event page]

Please join us in celebrating a multidisciplinary art gallery showcasing work from artists within the entire education system. 

The artwork explores the ways in which “The Space Between” encompasses the notion of that which we do not see or feel directly, but which is embedded within the human experience across the globe. 

In diverse ways, we have tried to better understand what happens in the space between art and education, by immersing ourselves within that ‘space’ itself. 

This collaboration defines and redefines the relationship between art, school, museums, culture, and community. Access to art and education look and feel very differently for people involved in this collaboration, and we wish to have every voice represented through this project. 

By intentionally coming together to create art and/or study the pedagogy of art education while connected by a thematic thread, we see this as a way to empathically increase our understandings of one another’s lived experiences. 

[visit Facebook event page]

The Space Between | April 5th-April 22nd

Mon-Thu: 7:00am-7:00pm, Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm, Sat: 10:00am-4:00pm
McGill University Faculty of Education, 3700 rue McTavish, Education Library & Curriculum Resources Centre (1st floor). 

  • if arriving by car, please enter the building via 3715 rue Peel. The construction on McTavish blocks vehicles from driving up McTavish.


Contact Information

Faye Siluk
Project Coordinator
faye.siluk [at]
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