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Dr. Lee Schaefer chosen as Physical and Health Education Canada's Researcher of the Month


Published: 28Aug2017

Dr. Lee Schaefer, Assistant Professor with our Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, was recently selected as Researcher of the Month by the Physical and Health Education of Canada's Research Council. 

Professor Schaefer's research is focused on teacher education, specifically physical education, youth development through wellness and physical activity, the impact of the outdoors on youth physical activity levels, and narrative inquiry. He is a co-founder, along with Dr. Sean Lessard and Brian Lewis, of Growing Young Movers Youth Development, an organization that works with Indigenous youth across the country.

Dr. Lee Schaefer "has been recognized on a national and international level for both his research and his writing," wrote the Research Council, "and has been invited to speak at local, national and international conferences. His passion for physical education, and providing youth purposeful, developmental, movement opportunities continues to drive his research, teaching and service commitments."

Professor Schaefer is currently accepting both masters and doctoral level graduate students who are interested in his areas of research.

Lee Schaefer’s most recent publications include: