Prof. Nathan Hall interviewed by Acfas regarding his views on academics' use of social media


AccueilProfessor Nathan Hall, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, was recently interviewed by Acfas (Association francophone pour le savoir) regarding the use of social media by academics. In the interview, conducted by Marie-Pierre Cossette and published online this week, Prof. Hall shares some tips on how academics can use social media tools to promote their research, develop their academic identity and to express their personal opinions. 

Nathan Hall is an associate professor with McGill's Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. He is director of the Achievement Motivation and Emotion (AME) Research Group, and the creator of the popular @AcademicsSay twitter handle. His work explores the psychosocial determinants of optimal development in achievement settings, with an interest in motivation, self-regulation, and emotions as predictors of achievement and health.

[read "Les médias sociaux vus par Nathan C. Hall: entre sincérité et stratégie," ACFAS, Oct. 2, 2017]

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