Routledge publishes Content-Based Language Teaching, new module from Roy Lyster


Published: 22Aug2017

Content-Based Language Teaching (Paperback) book coverProfessor Roy Lyster, of our Department of Integrated Studies in Education, has published the module Content-Based Language Teaching, now available from Routledge.

"This module explores the content-driven approach to language teaching, or the teaching of nonlinguistic content such as geography, history, or science using the target language. It lays out effective techniques that help facilitate students’ comprehension of curricular content and also discusses how teacher collaboration and students’ L1s affect this approach to language teaching. With an instructional sequence comprising noticing, awareness, and practice activities as well as examples of content-and-language integrated units, the Content-Based Language Teaching module is the ideal main textbook for instructors seeking a clear and practical treatment of the topic for their courses, which can also be taught in conjunction with other modules in the series.

"Modules in the Routledge E-Modules on Contemporary Language Teaching series are short, easily accessible introductions to a variety of issues that form the foundation of language-teacher knowledge and practice: the nature of language and communication, second language acquisition, interactive tasks, assessment, focus on form, vocabulary development, technology in language teaching, among many others. Each module serves as a self-contained unit to be used on its own or as part of an introductory course on language teaching. Instructors may “mix and match” modules to create their own readings for a course on language teaching. The modules may serve as primary reading or as supplemental reading, with each module offering points of reflection, discussion questions, self-quizzes, and a reading list for those who wish to delve further into the topic." (source: Routledge)

Roy Lyster is Professor of Second Language Education at McGill University in Montreal. He was co-president then president of the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics from 2004 to 2008 and serves on the Editorial Boards of Studies in Second Language Acquisition, Language Teaching Research, and the Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Education. His published works include several articles on content-based second language instruction and the effects of instructional interventions—such as teacher scaffolding and corrective feedback—designed to counterbalance form-focused and content-based approaches. He is also the author of Learning and Teaching Languages Through Content (2007), and Vers une approche intégrée en immersion (2016).

[Content-Based Language Teaching, by Roy Lyster, Routledge]