Correcting a Hazard

Thank you for taking the time to correct a hazard!

For hazards requiring IMMEDIATE attention, don't hesitate to call the campus emergency telephone number: 3000 for the downtown campus and 7777 for Macdonald campus.

Maintenance problems?

light bulb

If the hazard entails a maintenance problem (with heating, cooling or ventilation; fire alarm systems; electrical hazards, etc.) contact the Facilities Call Centre (FCC).

Choose any of the following methods to communicate your request. (Please note: all emergencies must be reported by telephone).

Facilities Call Centre

Tel. - (514) 398-4555
Email - fcc.fod [at]

To access the Online Service/Work Request form for the DOWNTOWN or MACDONALD CAMPUS, please click here.

For additional information, please visit Facilities Management & Ancillary Services.

Fire extinguisher concerns?

fire extinguisher

Do you have an extinguisher that is due for inspection or has an apparent defect? Does an extinguisher require a refill? Contact Fire Prevention at 3473.

Hazards in your own Department?

safety googles

If the hazard you wish to correct arises from activities in your own department, the first person to speak with is your supervisor. He or she is responsible for ensuring that you are able to conduct your work safely. If this does not work, try speaking with a representative on your departmental health and safety committee. If you work in a department involved in laboratory work, there should be a committee already in place.

Need first aid supplies?

first aid kit

Check your first aid kit frequently to make sure it contains everything it is supposed to. See the list of the minimum contents for a first-aid kit, provided by the CNESST, along with a few other suggested items.

For the name(s) of supplier(s) who sell first-aid kits and supplies at a discounted rate for McGill staff and students, see our page on ordering supplies.

Construction hazards?

traffic cone

Concerned about a construction or renovation project taking place in your area? Contact Facilities Management & Ancillary Services (FMAS) at 4555 or fcc.fod [at] (email the Facilities Call Centre )and ask to be put in touch with the Project Manager or Supervisor for the project.

Indoor air Quality Problem?

Please take a few moments to fill in the indoor air quality form available in the forms section and forward it to Environmental Health and Safety. This will provide useful background information to assist in investigating the problem.

If this is a problem regarding high temperature conditions in your workplace, please refer to the Guidelines for Dealting with High Temperatures in the Workplace document.

Accidental Spills

If you had a spill in your workplace and it was cleaned up by you or your team, it is important to report this incident to Hazardous Waste Management by completing the online spill report form.

Not sure who to contact?

Are you not sure about a hazard or who you should contact? Do you need more information? Please send us an ehs [at] (email).