Safety Signs

These lab safety signs in Adobe Acrobat format can be printed and posted in your laboratory facilities. N.B. It is preferable to print these signs with a color printer. Please email ehs [at] (EHS) if you wish to have these signs printed as adhesives.

For resizable images (where available) click on thumbnail image on the left.

No food and drink symbol No food or drink sign [.pdf]

No smoking symbol No smoking sign [.pdf]

Resizable images

To use the resizable version of the images click on the thumbnail image on the left and copy the image, paste it into your word processor where it can be resized.

Radiation symbol Radiation Safety [.pdf]

Laser symbolClass 3B Lasers:

Class 4 Lasers:

Biohazardous symbolBiohazard sign [.pdf]

Corrosive materials symbolCorrosive materials sign [.pdf]

Toxic symbolMaterials causing immediate and serious toxic effects [.pdf]

Toxic symbolMaterials causing other toxic effects sign [.pdf]

Dangerously reactive material symbolDangerously reactive materials sign [.pdf]

Flammable and combustible symbolFlammable and combustible materials sign [.pdf]

Oxidizing material symbolOxidizing materials sign [.pdf]

Compressed gas symbolCompressed gases sign [.pdf]