McGill Smoking Policy

Smoking policy 

 According to the Tobacco Act of Quebec, smoking is prohibited within all closed spaces of educational institutions, including universities. Further, the Act stipulates that “Smoking is prohibited outdoors within a nine-metre radius from any door leading to… … a university building.” However, if the nine-metre radius anywhere extends beyond the boundaries of the university property, smoking is prohibited only up to those boundaries. The Tobacco Act also prohibits the sale of tobacco within the University premises. ,

In addition to the provisions of the Tobacco Act, this Policy stipulates that:

  • Out of respect to building occupants, smoking is not permitted near any windows surrounding McGill buildings.
  • All smoking materials must be extinguished before arriving at building entrances.
  • The University may also declare certain areas as smoke-free, for example the McLennan-Redpath Terrace which was declared smoke-free in 2014.

To view the Bill in its entirety, go to: this government site.

ADDENDUM Effective September 22, 2014, the restrictions on smoking described in this policy are also to be applied to the use of e-cigarettes.