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Qualitative Fit Test Registration (for N95s)

Qualitative fit testing relies on the user to detect taste and smell to measure the leakage into a respirator, which is acceptable for N95 respirators.

Students should first contact Student Health Services for an appointment for N95 fit testing, as they offer this service for students at no charge.

For staff, please sign in to fill out the form below if you require qualitative fit testing for use of an N95 respirator for your work at McGill.

Cost: $50 payable by FOAPAL, entered in the form below or by credit card by submitting the Paying Participant Form

Course location: 3610 McTavish, 4th floor

EHS has the following N95 respirators available for fit testing: Moldex 1500 series, 3M 1860, 3M 1860 and 3M 1870+.

Note that qualitative fit test sessions are currently organized upon demand.