Training and Advising

The Employment Equity team offers training and advising designed to help you run an equitable and effective search.

We regularly offer training for those involved in hiring decisions related to both Academic and Support and Admin Staff employees.  Our 2 hour training session covers the following topics:

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) imperatives in the Canadian academy;
  • Understanding obligations and objectives under Quebec legislation and McGill's employment equity policy;
  • Active and strategic recruitment techniques to establish a diverse and excellent applicant pool;
  • Strategies and tools for enhancing equity in the review process

This training is based on peer-reviewed literature and participants will have access upon request to supplemental information with material relevant to the field in which their search is being conducted.

For a schedule of trainings for Academic search committee members, please go to the Academic Personnel Website.  For hiring managers and HR professionals, please contact tynan.jarrett [at] (us) to arrange a training for your Department or Unit.