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The McGill Employment Equity Policy can be found on the website of the Secretariat.

The Report to Senate on Employment Equity from May 2017 is located in the Senate online archives.

McGill's Employment Equity Guidelines for Academic Recruitment are on the Academic Personnel Office website.

Link to Employment Equity Data Report for Staff Positions. 


McGill has obligations to collect, analyze and act on data related to employment equity under the Government of Canada's Federal Contractors Program and the Quebec Government's Employment Equity Legislation.

                        Components of an Employment Equity Program


Components of an employment equity program; cyclical. Stage 1: Snapshot of McGill workforce based on EE survey data; Stage 2: Info from Provincial and Federal Government on Workforce availability; Stage 3: Comparison btwn McGill data and availability based on employment sector; Stage 4: Analysis of results; what gaps exist, why, and how can we overcome them?  Stage 5: implementation of measures designed to decrease gaps


Articles and Books


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Other Resources

Guide For Search Committees

Fine, E., Handelsman, J., & University of Wisconsin--Madison. (2012). Searching for excellence & diversity: A guide for search committees. Madison, WI: WISELI.

Cluster Hires Report

Urban Universities for HEALTH. (2015). Faculty cluster hiring; For diversity and institutional climate. Retrieved from: