Ambassadors for Campus & Community Engagement (ACCE) Team

Would you like to be a workshop facilitator? Looking to gain leadership experience?
Apply to the ACCE Team and get involved with student development opportunities at McGill! 

Applications will open in February 2020!

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Mission: Encourage students to get involved on campus and/or in the Montreal community through providing resources, building facilitation skills, developing leadership skills, and creating meaningful personal connections.

Vision: Develop and sustain a culture of empowerment that values experiential learning.

Values: The ACCE Team appreciates the following values in our Team members:

  • Curiosity and Open-Mindedness
  • Respect, Inclusivity, and Empathy

  • Humility, Authenticity, and Patience

  • Enthusiasm and Optimism

  • Adaptability and Creativity 

The ACCE Team is an opportunity for students to help other students, which is achieved in part by promoting involvement and fostering community at McGill. The core group of around 30 members builds their leadership capacities and life skills by facilitating workshops, serving on committees that develop the Team and others, and coaching peers to find their passions. In order to help achieve the mission and vision, ACCE Team members:

  • Attend trainings and team meetings
  • Participate in the Students Helping Students volunteer recruitment campaign
  • Assist with workshop development
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Provide fellow ACCE Team members with feedback
  • Encourage McGill students to get involved on campus or in the community
  • Reflect on ACCE Team practices and consider improvements

Overall, members of the ACCE Team develop their leadership skills and sense of self-efficacy within a diverse cohort of like-minded peers through participative group activities, workshops, and more. They explore how their experiences have helped them to expand their horizons and gain valuable life skills, all while contributing to the enrichment of McGill’s student life. So much learning happens outside of the classroom and the ACCE Team helps develop those opportunities for themselves and others.


If you have questions about the ACCE Team, please contact Campus Life & Engagement at 514-398-6913 or email us at [at] (subject: ACCE%20Team)

If you are interested in applying to be part of the 2020/21 ACCE team, please click here and fill out our form today! (updated 24 April 2019)


My time at McGill University would not have been the same without the Emerging Leaders Program or the ACCE Team. The Emerging Leaders Program provided me with the opportunity to develop my leadership skills in tangible ways. Working alongside students from international and diverse backgrounds challenged me to consider leadership and campus/community engagement in exciting new ways, and provided a means for me to apply my skills and knowledge to enriching and valuable experiences. (Chris)

The ACCE program showed me how to be a better leader...(i)t allowed me to more easily communicate with members on my team. Overall, this positively enriched my McGill experience as I was able to develop more meaningful relationships (Megha)

(The ACCE Team program) provides McGill students with a platform to get involved and meet new people. First year students are often unsure where or how to get involved and ACCE team is a great way to get started for them. (Mithura)